Cities of El Salvador: Santa Ana

Santa Ana – the second most important city of El Salvador – spread out in the picturesque Valley of Chiautuaucan between three volcanoes. Smoothly running off the colonial streets of this city exuded some bourgeois complacency, which is not surprising – a noticeably more cool climate and a luxurious environment for two hundred years of the richest people of the country are sitting in Santa Ana.

Her main attractions are the picturesque lake of Coachpekt, on the shore of which most rich quarters stretched out, Cathedral-Santa Ana Cathedral, built in 1905 in neo-neothic style, as well as the city theater. Wide and clean streets run between dozens of old buildings, most of which are in amazingly good condition, and the low walls of the houses leave the city residents "Many blue sky" and the opportunity to every second to contemplate the majestic landscape of the surrounding.

Three volcanic peak – Serro Verde, Santa Ana and Isalko, forming a unique coloring of the town rise around Santa-Anna. In the crater of the extinct volcano Serro Verde (14 km south-east of Santa Anna), the National Park is lied (open daily, from 7.00 to 17.thirty; Entrance – $ 1) – the most affordable and one of the richest species animal peace reserve. Several Eastern curly road descends to the stunning crater lake Lago de Coolas and hot springs on his shores.

Cities of El Salvador Santa Ana

And even lower and the slopes of the black volcanic cone of Isalco, stunningly contrasting with the green sea of ​​surrounding forests begin. This volcano literally grew up in front of the people – in 1770, from a small side caldera of the Santa Ana Valcan began to erupt the lava, and after 100 years the peak of a young volcano rose so much that it became visible even from the ocean’s shore, turning into a kind of natural lighthouse. Only in the mid-1960s, the incessant series of eruptions was cut into abruptly, as it began, and now the slopes of this amazing mountain will lead excursions to the crater.

Third teeth "Volcanic Crown of Santa Anna" is still an active llaimateck volcano ("Hill Father"), or Santa Ana, – the highest active volcanic peak in the country (2365 m). Three of his young crater are located inside the rings of a huge ancient ventive filled with a small lake with green sulfur water.

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