Cities of El Salvador: San Vicente

The charming city of San Vicente was founded in 1635 by fifty Spanish families in accordance with "Indi laws" (1600 g) that prohibited Europeans accommodation among local tribes. But this little helped the colonists – a rapidly developing city experienced an increasing pressure from the Indians who did not want to obey the domination of the Spanish crown. February 16, 1833 Anastasio Aquino’s strength, the leader of the Nonoualco Uprising, seized the city and crowned their leader Crown, shot from the Statue of St. Jose in the Church of Iglesia-El Pilar. And there were a lot of such events in the history of the city (Aquino, by the way, was captured by government troops and later heated on the city square of San Vicente), so in our days the city retained a little from his colonial past.

However, you can see the very church of Iglesia-El Pilar (Iglemi-SeƱora del Pilar) and the Torre-Kiosko watch tower (were very damaged by the 2001 earthquake), traditional for Spanish cities Central Square Park-Kanas, Tempisk Tree (The very same, under which the bookmark of the city was held by the first settlers, announced by the historical monument in 1984.), as well as an extensive market and military barracks (the presence of the military here is still quite clearly).

Cities of El Salvador San Vicente

San Vicente stretches the many hiking trail to the peaks of the Chiconpephek volcano (San Vicente, 2181 m) and the crater lagun-de-apastepek lags, Laguna-Alegria and Laguna de Siege (Laguna de Siega, 3 km to the North East of the city), to the village of Kohhetepek and the local shrine located in it – the statue of the Virgin Fatima Portuguese (1949) on the crest of the Serro-De Las Pavas ridge, to the craft village of San Sebastian, to the hot sulfur sources of Los Infhenilos near Verapas (10 km east of San Vicente), as well as to the ruins of Maya Teuacan (open from Thursday to Sunday, work hours irregular, entrance – $ 2).

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