Cities of Egypt: Taba

Taba is located at the very east of Egypt, almost on the border with Israel. Once it was a disputed territory, but in 1989 she went down Egypt. Lots of guests from Israel still resting here, and some hotels were built by residents of this country. Taba is located 230 kilometers from Sharm el-Sheikh, the path from which takes a little more than three hours. There is also our international airport here, but in recent years, the flights to it are practically not carried out for security reasons (there is a continuing antiterrorist operation of the Egyptian army against Islamists in the Central and Northern Sinai regions).

Directly in Taba there are only three hotels (Hilton-Taba, Moevenpick and Taba Sands), 4 kilometers south is the hotel Tobya. Often, travel agents are involuntarily introduced in tourists to delusion, explaining them that they will live in taba, while they will be sent to the Taba Heights area 25 kilometers south of themselves, which is just a few hotels near the sea in the middle of the desert. Public transport between hotels is missing (once a day the charm el-sheikh bus is held on the highway, but there is no stop nearby), and tourists who wish to go to Israel independently (it’s no secret that rest in taba is chosen in among the sake of excursions to neighboring Israel), you have to take a costly taxi.

In general, tourists planning holidays in taba, it is important to keep in mind that the town itself is no more than a border point, where, in addition to the three hotels and a small bus station with several shops, there is absolutely nothing. In addition, although Taba is convenient for a trip to Israel, but it is quite uncomfortable for excursions to Moise Moise and Cairo, because in the first case the road will take up to 4 hours (from Sharm el-Sheikh – 2-2.5 hours), and in Case with Cairir – 3 hours more than from Sharm el-Sheikh.

Beaches and diving in tab

Beach tabs can not leave indifferent neither adults nor children. Coral reef is located near the coastline, but at the entrance to the water under the legs you have soft sand.

  • Hotel Salah El-Din, Taba
  • Reserve Ras Abu Galum, Sinai

Those who are engaged in diving will be interesting to dive with the coast of Pharaoh’s Island (Pharaon Island). This island is 8 kilometers south of Taba, 250 meters from the shore. It is surrounded by coral reefs, and on his rocky top there is a fortress of crusaders, built in the XII century. In the evenings here you can see a light-sound show.

  • Pharaoh Island, Taba
  • Bay Fjord, Taba
  • Sun Pool, Taba
  • Cities of Egypt Taba

8 kilometers from the island of Pharaohs Fjord Bay (FJORD). On the white sand of the Azure Sea prefer to stop those who chose the life of hippies. Taba is surrounded by the picturesque granite mountains in Sina, and the coast is a lot of grottoes and lagoon.

Attractions Taba

From Taba you can go for several sightseeing excursions Sinai. For example, on the Moise Mountain, where, according to biblical history, Moses got sang from God, or in the monastery of St. Catherine.

  • Color Canyon, Sinai
  • Monastery of St. Catherine, Sinai
  • Decoration of the monastery of St. Catherine, Sinai

From here you can make a fascinating journey to color and white canyons. Walls of a colored canyon nature painted the most bizarre paints, and white walls are made of snow-white sandstone.

  • Clouds over the mountains blue
  • Dunes, Sinai
  • Mountains blue

No need to forget that Taba is no longer traditional Egypt. It mixed up the many traditions and cultures. On a par with the eastern Muslim flavor here and the West. This is reflected not only on the service of hotels. Around Taba, in the mountains is blue, there are several signs for the Christian culture of places, and Israel is very nearby – the cradle of Christian civilization begins.

Trips to neighboring countries

From Taba you can go on a tour of Israel. To Jerusalem about 300 kilometers. One-day excursion to the end of the dead may cost about $ 120-150. Also from the Taba can be reached in Jordan Peter at a price of $ 200-250 by ferry crossing to Aqaba.

Best time for travel

In summer, the air temperature in the tab can be more than + 40 ° C, in the winter – about + 20 ° C, but sometimes drops to + 10 ° C. Water temperature in summer – + 25-27 ° C, and in winter – + 20-22 ° C.

Feature resort

Going to taboo, you need to remember that it is in the border zone. In order to avoid misunderstandings, you should always carry documents with you, do not go to independent trips around the neighborhood and do not take pictures of administrative buildings, border facilities and servicemen.

Cities of Egypt Taba

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