Cities of Egypt: Safaga

Very – a quiet port area located on the shores of the Red Sea, about 50 kilometers south of Hurghada. Compared to a noisy neighbor, Safaga is quite calm. The revival here comes only during the Hajj, when through the city port of Muslims go to Saudi Arabia to make pilgrimage to Mecca.

There are practically no nightlife here, and the beaches are low and clean, so this resort is suitable for a relaxing family holiday. Safaga is surrounded by mountains protecting the city and bay from strong winds and sand storms. In the bay, many untouched coral reefs and marine animals: dolphins, turtles, all kinds of fish and mollusks. Divers and surfers here are not too much, although the places for these sports are perfect.

Near the sea, the dunes of black sand come out, which, in combination with the local very salted sea, heals a number of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and some skin diseases.


Most hotels in Safaga – 3 * and 4 *. Five star hotels. Most Popular Hotels of this resort – Holiday Inn, Menaville Safaga, Shams Safaga and Sufaga Paradise (All – 4 *). All hotels are located on the Sea. Holiday Inn can be played with a wedding under water. For this, the bridegroom, the bride and guests will have to take a few snorkeling lessons, and the priest will be a part-time experienced diver. Entertainment in Safaga little, the resort is more focused on a quiet family holiday with children. There are hotels specializing in children’s holidays.


Safaga is a unique place, since its sand has a number of healing properties that help with skin diseases and musculoskeletal system. The clinic located at the Menaville Safaga Hotel specializes in treatment with the healing climate and Safaga Sand.

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Cities of Egypt Safaga

In addition, this resort is very high salt in water. All this causes specialists to make forecasts that Safaga will soon be able to compete with the resorts of the Dead Sea.


If we talk about diving, you will have to admit that the bottom here is poorer than in Marsa Alam or Nuweibe. But the underwater world of safagi is wilderly, because tourists at this resort are less. Several islands, interesting for divers, is near the city. Safaga Island Island is surrounded by coral reef, and its shore consists of the purest beaches. At a distance of 20 km east of Safaga, the Reef Panorama (Panorama Reef), consisting of several parts forming the amphitheater – is one of the most beautiful underwater places of the Red Sea coast.

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  • Underwater world of the Red Sea

Another stunning place of this region – Islands Brothers (Islands Brothers). But you can get on these islands, only by charturing the five-star Moon Dancer yacht, so this is entertainment for very wealthy people. Islands Brothers – this is a unique place where you can find corals that are no longer anywhere in the world.


In the city of Safaga attractions a bit. Is that the Turkish Fort XVI in. In 60 km south of Safaga is the harbor of Pharaoh. Through it, in the days of ancient Egypt, spices were obtained, precious stones and elephant bones from Somalia. And, of course, from this resort you can go on excursions to Cairo or Luxor.

Best time for travel

From May to October, the air temperature in Safaga reaches + 35-40 ° C, water temperature – + 24-26 ° C.

In winter, the air temperature + 25-30ºC, but at night it can go to + 10 ° C or even below. Water in winter + 18-22 ° C. In winter and spring can be sand storms. The coldest season is January-February.

Cities of Egypt Safaga

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