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Port Said (Port Said) without exaggeration can be called the forgotten pearl of Egypt. This is a historic city that has grown at the end of the XIX century on the shores of the Suez Canal under construction. The city was built by the British, and a lot of interesting colonial development was preserved in it to this day. The big Christian community (Copts) gives the city of South European Spirit, and the Mediterranean Sea and the Suez Canal bring fresh breeze and coolness. When Egypt is drowning in the heat in the heat and "Hamsin" (Sukhov from the desert), residents of Cairo massively rush to Port Said and Alexandria to rest.

Suez Canal

Suez Canal himself is not less interesting; From the embankment, you can observe huge tankers and cruise liners, every 10-15 minutes slowly passing literally in a pair of hundreds of meters from elegant colonial buildings of the city.

Tourist should be remembered that the channel is a protected strategic object. This is especially true in our days, when the situation in Egypt remains unstable. The photographing of the channel is not permitted, and numerous police officers in civilian clothes are very quickly excited by relaxing tourists. At the same time, you can make good snapshots of the channel from the side of ferries that continually cruising from one shore to another, tying two parts of the city.

Cities of Egypt Port Said

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Port Said

Port Said consists of 2 parts. One piece is the actual port-Said, located on the African continent, the second part is the city of Port Fuad, located in Asia. Read more →

Cities of Egypt Port Said

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