Egypt City: Nuweiba

Of course, far from the brightest resort of Egypt, Nuweiba is located in the east of the Sinai Peninsula, 170 kilometers from Sharm El Sheikh and 85 kilometers from Dahab. She stretched 10 kilometers along the Aqab’s Bay from North to South.

Often, travel agents involuntarily enlist the tourists misleading, telling them about the uniqueness and beauty of the Nuweiba, in connection with which the many people are disappointed. The fact is that it is originally Nuweiba – this is a small Bedouinsky town, living primarily by the port, from where the cargo-passenger ferries in Aqabu (Jordan) are sent up to three times a day. In the 1990s, Nweiba was popular in among hippies and informals, which came here from Europe and neighboring Israel. These guys lived in modest bungalows and did not miss the opportunity to taste "Grace" (herbs), for which they could be in the police in their homeland.

Subsequently, beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea with corals attracted investors, and massive hotels began to build in Nuweibe, waiting for the influx of tens of thousands of tourists. But the aggravation of the Arab-Israeli conflict in 2000, then the years of instability in Egypt itself made their own adjustments to the transformation of the nuweiba in a full-fledged resort. Several hotels built managed, but dozens of others and stand in different degrees of abandonment, greatly ugly the beautiful bay of the number. The town never became the resort in the full sense of the word and again lives by the prior trade and income from the customs. There is practically no tourist infrastructure, and choosing a nuveuba as a place to hold a vacation, all these factors should be kept in mind.

Districts of Nueburg

  • Nuweiba Tarabin (Tarabin) in the north. Here still live Bedouins and a spicy aroma of the East has been preserved. The area consists of dense palm groves, shallow bay and the ruins of the Turkish fort. Inside the walls of the fort there is a well, centuries used by Bedouins as a source of drinking water. Along the bay built a lot of small hotels and campgrounds, focused on the happiness youth with a modest budget.
  • Nuweiba City (Nuweiba Town, Nuweiba City), Town Center. Here is a sufficiently littered and dusty commercial zone with a bank, mail, a negotiation point, supermarkets and bazaars. Farmings in Jordan (travel time – from three to four hours, taking into account the border and customs control), regularly leave. Significant pillars happen in the center of the town before the shipment of the ferry; Hundreds of traders in a hurry to sell goods brought from Jordan and have time to sail the same ferry back, at the same time hundreds of cars, breaking the turn, take the place to take place on the ferry, because of what chaos, noise and even full-fledged fights between local chauffs and merchants arise. Adding policemen to this, rather unceremoniously chasing Buyanov, we get a real performance in the open sky. All this colorful sight, but definitely not for a family walk.

Beaches and diving in Nuweibe

Along the coast of the Nuweba stretches the sandy beaches, and in the water there are coral reefs, perfectly suitable for divers.

  • Water near the shore of the National Park Ras Mohammed, Sinai
  • Boat at the shore of the National Park Ras Mohammed, Sinai
Cities of Egypt Nuweiba

The most popular space for divers seat on the Red Sea coast is not here, but in Marsa Alam, but in Nuweiby, the underwater world is very interesting. Here, also work diving centers, training all those who want.

  • Corals in the Red Sea, Nuweiba
  • Underwater world of the Red Sea, Nuweiba
  • Underwater world of the Red Sea, Nuweiba

In the business center of Nuweiba Musen, not so nice. Here, in the port zone, water is less clean.

Hotels in Nuweibe

Sights of Nueburg

Multiple excursions are offered from the number. On camels or jeeps you can get to Oasis Ain El Fourtaga. You can also go to color or white canyons – stunning beauty mountain roads. Color canyon has a length of about two kilometers, and his walls painted the walls in the most bizarre colors. White canyon reaches a length of about four kilometers, and its walls – from white sandstone.

  • Mountains blue
  • Temple Serabit El-Khadim, dedicated to the goddess Hator, Sinai
  • Color Canyon, Sinai

Another nourmet entertainment is suitable for those who seek to plunge into the world of nature. On the Dolphin Beach (Dolphin Beach) lives a family of Bedouins, who tamed dolphins. For a specific fee you can swim together with these marine animals.

  • Camels in Dunes, Sinai
  • Farm in Oasis Fairen, Sinai
  • View from the top of Moise Mountain, Sinai

Here, on the territory of modern Egypt, not far from Nuweiba, there is a famous Mount Sinai, on which the biblical Moses got squeak from God. Mountain has a height of 2285 meters, and the rise on it takes about two hours. Next to the legendary mountain is the monastery of St. Catherine. Both sightseeing are offered excursions.

Trips to neighboring countries

Nuweiba borders with Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Israel. From the port of Nuweiba you can get to jordan. The path on the yacht takes only one hour. You can get to Israel. But if you are going to make these journeys yourself, then you need to learn in detail about visa mode.

Best time for travel

The most favorable time for a beach holiday – from September to November and from March to May. In the summer months, the air temperature exceeds + 40 ° C, and in the winter winds bringing sand storms here, and the temperature may fall to + 18 ° C. Water temperature all year is not lower than + 24 ° C.

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