Cities of Egypt: Mersa Meruch

The resort city of Mersa Matruch on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, 300 kilometers west of Alexandria and 520 kilometers from Cairo, known as "Sharm el-Sheikh for Egyptians", In other words, this is the place of recreation of the Egyptian middle class. There is no such chic and such a wide selection of hotels and recreation opportunities, as in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, but the town is interesting just the opportunity to see the real Egyptian resort without tourists from Europe and the CIS. To some extent it will be a hard experience, since Mersa-Merza is sufficiently littered (including beaches), and the ideas about the level of comfort from ordinary Egyptians can differ much from those you used to.

Mersa Merza may be interesting as a transit point for those who follow the remote and excellent OASIS of Siva 350 kilometers south-west of the city. Since the only asphalt road to Siva runs through Mersa-Matrum, and the path is minus and exhausted, the stop for a day or two in this resort will make it possible to get together.

Cities of Egypt Mersa Matru

In general, the city became famous for the time of Cleopatra, which lived here in one of the palaces. A few kilometers from the city at the foot of the cliff is located "Cleopatry bathing", where the queen, by legend, took the baths. In the town of Agiba, 24 kilometers from the city, there are ruins of the Temple and Fort, built by Ramses II. Unfortunately, very little preserved to this day, and visiting the objects mentioned will interest serious archaeologists.

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