Egypt city: Luxor

This Pearl of Egypt is Luxor – a small town on the right bank of the Nile, which is 500 km south of Cairo. Once in his place was the famous capital of the ancient Egypt, which the ancient Egyptians called Wasyt, the Greeks – the hair, and Arabs – al-Uksur ("Palaces"). There is no other city in the world, where such a huge number of ancient monuments would be concentrated – this is almost a third of all historical relics, the World Center for Archeology. Ancient buildings on the right bank of the Nile are called "Living city" – His population lived here, and on the left – "The city of the dead", Here were the royal residence and a huge necropolis – the funeral temples and tombs located in the amphitheater of the rocks over which the dehenet rises – "Western Top" (now El Kurn). Goddess Snake Merertseger, "Loving silence" The lady of this mountain, according to the legends, failed not only the royal burials located in the valley of the kings and the valley of the Tsaritsa, but also the tomb of wine and ordinary citizens. Giant Statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III, which are called memnon’s colossos, once towering before the gigantic memorial complex of this Lord, now practically destroyed.

67 km north of Luxor, on the West Bank, not far from the small town of Ken, the temple in Dendere, The Ancient Cult Center of the Goddess of Love Hator. 98 km north of the dendere, near the city of El Balian is an ancient Abidos With an incredible in its beauty, the temple of the pharaoh of Network I, dedicated to God Osiris, the Lord of the Merbal World. 54 km south of Luxor is a well-preserved temple of God-Gonchar Khnuma in Esne, And another 53 km south, in EDFU, – The famous sanctuary of God-Falcon Choir, the son of Osiris and Isis, the legendary hedgeon of all Egyptian pharaohs, one of the most preserved temples of ancient Egypt. The Temple of the Com-Maombo, located on a high hill, from which the Nile is visible, at the same time dedicated to the two gods – crocodile God bodies and the Sokololod God Khor.

Other famous royal temples are located nearby – Rajamsseum, dedicated to the memory of Ramses II of the Great, Ramses III complex in Medition-Abu, Temple of Network I in Kurnie and Terrace Tsaritsa Khatsepsut in Deir El Bakhri. Here, on the West Bank, among the unpleasant, the rocks burned by the sun was Dair El Medino – a small village, in which workers and artists lived in the cliffs of the tomb of kings and nobles.

V "The city is alive" There are world-famous Luxor and Karnak temples, once united by the sefnix alley in a single ensemble. Karnak temple – a more ambitious and complex structure than Luxor, comparable unless with the pyramids of Giza. This is one of the greatest architectural buildings of the ancient world. The complex of the Karnakian temple includes the buildings that have erected for several centuries by many pharaohs. The most impressive place in the temple is the Pharaoh’s Column Hall of the Network I – 134 columns with a height of 16 m each, from the bottom with the top painted with colored bas-reliefs. From the south side to the Karnakian temple, a small sacred lake is adjacent, on the shore of which is a huge granite scarab granite, who was considered sacred in Egypt. Every evening in the Karnac Temple, like the Pyramid Giza, passes a colorful light-music presentation "Sound and light".

V "City of dead" Located famous "Tsari Valley", The burial place of Pharaohs (only about 40 tomb), it was here that Tutankhamon’s tomb was discovered. Of great interest is the temple of Queen Hatsepsut, which is radically different from other temples of ancient Egypt. According to scientists, he was a model for the further development of architecture almost all over the world.

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In the footsteps of Pharaoh. Luxor

We all recommend that you will definitely go to Luxor on this tour. Luxor accounts for 30% of all the sights of Egypt. Here so much that the head goes around. Read more →

Cities of Egypt Luxor

MuchograndE007 | May 2014

Luxor as a real dream

To begin with, studying the carnacle of the temple complex on the layout, the captive-ear listening to the guide. Here it is that – it turns out, all this and there are the very phiva, the capital of ancient Egypt! Read more →

Valeani | January 2013

Luxor: Living city – Contrast of extreme poverty and wealth!

For the first time in life I saw the city in which the extreme degree of poverty and wealth is combined. At the same time, the level of rich citizens in the country is 2%, the middle class is 4%, everything else is poverty. Read more →

Cities of Egypt Luxor

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