Egypt City: El Minya

El Minya – a large provincial city on the banks of the Nile 250 km south of Cairo.

At the end of the eighties – the beginning of the nineties, the name of El Minya often emerged in news reports on all international television channels. It is this once quiet city, the center of the Egyptian sugar industry, has become overnight the arena of armed clashes of the police and the army with the militants of the Islamic underground. Islamic fundamentalists who advocated the overthrow of secular power in the country, found a lot of supporters in these poorest areas of Egypt. Riots spread almost to the entire Nizhny Egypt.

The city itself is not a special interest for the tourist, but it can serve as a convenient base for excursions in the surrounding area.

Beni Hasan

Cities of Egypt El Migna

Necropolis located on the eastern bank of the river, 20 km south of El Mini. 30 crypts related to the second dynasty are not well preserved and open to visits. Unfortunately, the Typically Egyptian Extorting Industry of Baksis is thrive in place, when several burials open for visits, and they demand the rest "present". However, there may be a situation and will change for the better in the future. Mallavi

A small village is 50 km south of El Mini, which is no more than a transshipment point to the 15 km excavation of Tuna El Dzhabl, where the catacombs are preserved with tombs and mums of hawks, cats and other sacred animals of ancient Egypt. Another necropolis, Tel Al Amarne, is located 12 km south-west Mallavi. On the outskirts of the town of El Cussia located 35 km from Mallava, the old Coptic Monastery Deir El Muharrak is located.

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