Egypt city: Dahab

Town Dahab is located 100 km north-west of Sharm El Sheikh. Dahab is "wild" The resort that is distinguished by a free atmosphere. There are many hotels and campgrounds in the resort.

The resort can be divided into two parts – "Mecca" for diving (the Old Town and the Assala region) and "Mecca" for windsurfing (lagoon).

The old town, which includes the areas of Mashara and Masbat, as well as the Assala area adjacent to them are located on the coast, along which a wide strip of coral reefs stretches. They are the main place "pilgrimage" lovers of all types of scuba diving. Many hotels have diving schools, where newcomers can comprehend the basics of scuba diving, and divers with experience to improve their qualifications or take to rent equipment. The largest and well-known snorkeling centers are located in the Light House (Light House) area: our Club, Dahab Divebuddy, Sea Heven, Torch Divers and a number of others. Lighthauses – a great place not only for learning beginners "submariners", and for "Advanced" Divesels.

Blue Holl is 15 km from Dahab – a unique place for dives. In essence, it is a big hole in a coral reef, a round form about 50 meters in diameter, depth – about 120 meters. It is here who seeks to make a dive most of the divers, and especially freedivers, from around the world.

For regular bathing coast "old" Dahab is not very adapted. In the larger part, the coral reef begins at the coast itself and stretches for several hundred meters in width. You can swim only in rubber slippers, as Sea hedgehive living in reefs can seriously impass legs. Small sectors free from corals are located in the area of ​​Cape Lighthause – the entrance to the water is sandy, but large stones come across. Shallow water ends at about 50-100 meters from the shore, then the depth and coral reef begin.

In Mashrab, Masbath and the Assassé are a variety of restaurants, campgrounds and hotels (level from 1 * to 4 *). The minimum cost of accommodation is from $ 10 per person per day. In addition, in the Assala area you can rent an apartment or a whole villa – as a rule, the minimum rental period is 2 weeks.

The Laguna area is expensive, and mainly network hotels. The beaches here are wide and sandy, the entrance to the water is gentle, the bottom is sandy (in some places – small pebbles), which is especially good for those who go to relax with children. In hotels there are animators (including children’s), yoga schools, discos. Also in the lagoon there are several large and famous surf schools.

Lagoon in Dahab: Hotels and Surf Station

Many different places on Earth got a label "Mecca windsurfing", But for those athletes who only master it is not easy, but an exciting occupation has no place better than Egyptian Dahab. He is famous for the magnificent lagoon, which meets all the requirements for comfortable windsurfing training. The sandy braid, separating the lagoon from the Akab Bay, provides the most smooth surface of the water (while in the Red Sea itself, the real waves will be laughed), and on the other hand, it does not give inexperienced surfers to go out into the open sea. And all this with relatively stable good wind, which is also very important.

  • Surfers in the open sea
  • Pupils in Laguna
  • Not everyone is solved to go out into the sea
  • Released on Glisser

Along the lagoon there are only five hotels. On the territory of each of them, there is one or more surf stations, as well as other opportunities for outdoor activities in water and under water. On the beach The length of the lagoon slightly exceeds one kilometer. Consider hotels and their surf stations in order.

Hotel Coralia Club, Harry Hass Surf + Action station

Hotel Coralia Club 4 * is located in the very depths of the lagoon. For athletes in the location of this hotel, there is one undeniable advantage: it is here that the lagoon crosses the sandy shallow. On the one hand, it is convenient to make the first steps of beginners who just dared to fill the sail and take a gick. On the other hand, sandy shallow forms the so-called "Kaitovaya puddle" – The only place in Dahab’s Lagoon, where kite surfers can hurt their skills freely.

  • Coralia Club
  • Beach Coralia Club
  • Coralia Club: Garden-View

On the territory of Coralia Club is the only, but the largest and, perhaps, the old surf station itself in Dahab – "Harry Ness" (Harry Nass Surf + Action). Master "Harry Ness" For many years, every day at 9 am opens its station every day to rent first-class sails and boards (including the most modern JP boards), as well as give windsurfing lessons to everyone. The station has a our-speaking Pole with Czech name Warta. Address station "Harry Ness" On the Internet: www.Harry-Nass.Com.

  • In the foreground – Witzek
  • View of the lagoon
  • Cities of Egypt Dahab

About two moments mention separately. In the price list of different travel agencies there are hotels in Coralia Club and Novotel Dahab. Sometimes it even happens that in one price list you can find prices and other. But in fact, this one and the same. Once it was Novotel, now CoraLia Club. Hotel Accor Hotels. Second moment – kaiter. Formally, no one can forbid them to ride in the lagoon, but the owners of local surf stations do everything to drive the kaiter or in "Kaitov Pudzhu", or drive out in the open sea. The last for the buckets is quite undesirable, as the wind always blows from the shore. So: either ride in "Puddle", Either look for another place to relax (for example, in Hurghada).

Hotel Hilton Dahab, NEILSON Stations, MarkWarner and Club Mistral

The next hotel Hilton Dahab is the only five-star in this chain of hotels in Laguna. The hotel’s territory resembles a resort Venice: all free space is occupied by non-familiar lawns and blooming bushes, but by almost neon water in well-groomed pools with many bridges and transitions. The only thing that amuses is constantly raised signs that "Prohibit" jump and dive into these pools.

  • Hilton Hotel Case
  • Water Territory Hotel Hilton
  • Territory Hotel Hilton
  • Funny sign

Three large stations are located on the territory of Hilton DaB. English Neilson Club organizes tours, which include accommodation in "Hilton" and equipment rental at this station. In addition, all sorts of excursions are arranged here. NEILSON services can be found on their website

  • Neilson Surf Station
  • Sports club MarkWarner
  • Serf Station MarkWarner

Another Serf Station on site, one of the oldest in Laguna – Club Mistral (WWW address.Club-Mistral.COM). Finally, here is the large sports club MarkWarner (WWW Here you can not only rent equipment for windsurfing, but also ride on the Wake Bordea, go under water with scuba, rent tubes and masks for snorkeling and go into the sea on the catamaran.

Hotel Swiss Inn Golden Beach, Planet WinSurfing Station

Next Hotels Chain – Swiss Inn Golden Beach 4 *. The territory literally slows down in greenery. Inside the hotel and on the shore there are several cozy cafes and restaurants.

  • Cafe at the Swiss Hotel
  • SWISS: Garden-View
  • SWISS: Garden-View

With windsurfing here, perhaps weaker than all. Only Planet Windsurfing Serf Station (address WWW.PlanetWindSurfing.COM), which in Dakhabsky standards looks rather modest. But nearby is a very impressive dive center Extra Divers World Wide: Here the best experts for a very modest price will give a scuba diving lessons and will arrange an excursion to a magnificent blue hole (Blue Hole).

  • Surf Station Planet Windsurfing
  • Chill Outra Divers World Wide
  • Swiss Hotel Beach

Hotel Ganet Sinai, Club Dahab Station, Happy Surfpool and "Windature"

The only three-star, and therefore the most favorite surfers hotel – Ganet Sinai. Contrary to the generally accepted skeptical opinion on the Egyptian three stars, the numbers in "Ganetete" Quite decent, and the territory is very well maintained – in addition, abounds with a variety of cafes, restaurants, sports clubs and computer rooms. The only "problem" – a small number of rooms that are usually booked for many weeks ahead.

  • Ganet Sinai Cases
  • Ganet Sinai Cases
  • Restaurant in Ganet Sinai

On the territory of Ganet Sinai there are three small stations, one of which is our. Club Dahab Station most impressively. Here you can not only rent a sail board and go through a few lessons, but also relax on carpets and sofas. Lovers of underwater adventures can contact instructors for diving. Address: www.ClubDahabdiving.Common. HAPPY SURFPOOL station (WWW address.Happy-Surfpool.COM) – One of the few in Dahab, which holds a shop with serf accessories with him. Here you can reinforce not only by sea, but also on the Internet.

  • Station Club Dahab
  • Line of boobs
  • Station Happy Surfpool
  • our station Vetraytia

Finally, on the territory "Ganelet" Literally a few months ago, the our surf station opened "Windature" (address www.Soulsurfers.RU). The station is small, but to potential customers here are closely and with understanding. So, if you want to take a couple of windsurfing lessons from Danil Isichenko (RUS 411), welcome to "Abtorium". In addition, prices here are perhaps the lowest in the lagoon.

Hotel Iberotel Dahabeya, stations "Five squares", Harry Ness and Monsters Bay

Last in Lagoon Hotel, the most closest to the exit to the Akab Bay – Iberotel Dahabeya Surf Club 4 *. He will like those who prefer relative simplicity. There are no bubbish tracks leading to nowhere, as it is often in other Egyptian hotels, there are no suitable pools and blooming bunches, but the hall is spacious and well-kept, the rooms are comfortable, and the access to the beach is very convenient. Justice Ganet Sinai and Dahabeya sheltered another small hotel – Panda, decorated in chinese style.

  • Hotel Iberohel Dahabeya
  • Residential building Iberohel Dahabeya
  • Panda Hotel – Closed

Complete the series of surf stations in the lagoon three centers, two of which are our. The largest one is "Five squares" (www.GO-DAHAB.RU). This surf station is completely our. Selection of sails and boards (including JP) is great. Selection of instructors – too. V "Squares" Life is constantly boil, seminars and contests are held, in the evenings the footage is visible. But the station, obviously, enjoys its privileged position for our tourists, so in many respects fighter appeal. This can be regarded as a friendly gesture. Or as a rashness. The second our station, the latest in the lagoon – "Monsters Bay", Or Monsters Bay, IBI and Friends (WWW.Monstersbay.RU). This station is managing the famous monster, he is Oleg Ostrikov. Those who tell me something, will be happy to come here in order to take a match for rent and chat. All others can safely choose from other stations in the lagoon.

  • Four squares
  • Monsters Bay, IBI AND FRIENDS
  • Beach Hotel Dahabeya

Finally, there is another station here – Harry Ness. Here, probably prefer to rent boards and sails Foreign tourists, staying in the hotel Dahabeya. Another plus of this station is that it is below the wind relative to the first Harry Ness station, so all inexperienced surfers who were demolished in the wind can safely adjust to the second station, from where they will deliver them "home" on the boat.

Live world of lagoon and other excursions

From Dahab travel agencies offer tourists a wide variety of excursions. For example, a trip to Cairo for one day (about $ 70) or for two days (about $ 160). From the attractions of the Sinai Peninsula, Moses Moses and Monastery are offered. Catherine (approximately $ 40), color canyon (about $ 50) and a ride on reefs in Ras Mohammed (from $ 30). One-day excursion to Peter (Jordan) costs from about $ 210 (on a ferry to the Jordanian port of Aqaba from the Egyptian ports of the numbering or tabs). Finally, right in the lagoon you can order a small journey to the reef Napoleon and on a blue hole (from $ 20).

However, a lot of interesting things can be found in the lagoon itself in free from riding time. Just go to "Kaitovaya puddle" and wander there in shallow. Especially interesting can be such a walk during a strong bet: there are sinks of unusual forms and colors, bizarre coral wreckage, and sometimes starfish.

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