Cities of Egypt: Cairo

One of the most brightest attractions of the country is its capital – Cairo. This is the largest city of African continent, city "Thousands of minarets", "Gate of the East", which absorbed several cities of different epochs – ancient Heliopolis and Babylon Egyptian or medieval phostat. In different periods of its history, the city was wearing two high-profile name: El Kahira ("Winner") and Umm Ed-Dunda ("Mother of the world"). Among the ancient Egyptians even went the legends that the battle between the brothers-gods choir and Seth occurred here.

Modern Cairo is "City that never sleeps", Where life beats the key, it is one of the most friendly, safe and quiet cities of Africa. It is also a city of hundreds and hundreds of architectural monuments, museums and other attractions – here are the famous Citadel Saladin, district "Old Cairo", Openwork minarets Mosque Mohammed Ali or Sultan Kalaun Mosque, Giant Aqueduct from Nile to the Citadel, Tower Beit Al-Sennar and the building of the oldest Arab University of Al-Azar, Unique Egyptian Museum, nearby temples of Luxor and Carnac. (More about museums see. In chapter "Museums".)

Han el-Khalili craft market – the largest bazaar in the east, which occupies as many as 5 kV. km Square. You can buy here almost everything, even slave, but most importantly – here you can "With head" Immerse yourself in oriental exotic with its unimaginable cattle and manifold.


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Tahrir Square

In 2008-2009, I passed an internship in the Arabic language at the University of Cairo, living in Egypt for 7 months. This post will show the country even before "Arab Spring", Started in December 2010 Read more →

Cities of Egypt Cairo

Cairo from a bird’s eye view

Cairo Tenerbashnya is located in the city center in the Zamalik area on the island of Jesira. The height of the tower is 187 meters, it is 43 meters higher than the pyramid of Heops. Read more →

kirill moiseev | Summer 2015

"Ghost town" BADR.

In the satellite town of Cairo Bad, the only sight of this is the local mosque, opposite which we lived while studying in the local Egyptian University. Read more →

Cities of Egypt Cairo

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