Egypt City: Aswan

Aswan, located on the Nile about a thousand kilometers of South Cairo, for many centuries was a shopping center on the caravan way. The ancient Egyptians called him suin, and the Greeks were Siena. Elephant bone and other goods from Central Africa. The economic significance of the city was especially great during the reign of pharaohs. In the vicinity of Aswan was mined the famous Siena pink granite. Nowadays Aswan is known as the first-class winter resort, the climate is just perfect here, and the temperature in the winter is holding around near the mark of +20 c (in summer it can reach and +50 s). Experts say that the most tasty in Egypt is growing in Asuan.

Mausoleum and monasteries

Interesting places – Mausoleum of the deceased in 1957. Yeah-Khan (Koji Aga Sir Sultan Mohammed-Shaha), considered an excellent model of modern Islamic art, the ruins founded in the VI century of the Coptic Monastery of St. Simeon, rock burials on the old Muslim cemetery, ruins on. Elefantine (Satis Sanctuary, Nile’s patroness; from the whole complex only the temple of Khnuma, spouse of the goddess) and granite quarry, from where the Millenniums ago mined stones for building pyramids, pharaoh palaces and temples. The high bank of the island of Elefantine (File Island) is lined with stone slabs, on which hieroglyphic inscriptions are carved. In this part of the island and the ancient Aswan began. Together with Edfu and Dender Temple on Elefantine Island – one of the three most preserved Ptolemyev temples, and the temple of Isis is very well preserved. Foundation of the Temple "gone" under the ground, and the structure itself was buried under the sand layer. After excavations and restoration, the temple became one of the most remarkable monuments of Egypt.

The construction of dams on the rivers, blocking the path to the stone temple in Abda and the al-soba temple on Lake Nasser. Built the dams will become part of the ASUN’s highway – Abu Simbel, which will give the opportunity to visit the restored monuments to a huge number of tourists. It is intended to complete the project to strengthen the entrances and strengthen the overlaps in the Temple of EDF. Soon the historic city will take tourists Al-Kab southeast of Edf. Temple of Hur Mahab in the Al Massol area, where vintage ornaments and wall inscriptions were found, will also be part of the tourist route.

Thresholds of Nila

South city begins Thresholds of Nila, Thanks to which Aswan is one of the most picturesque places of the country. In Asuan, there is not a single bridge over the river – to many monuments otherwise, as on Füluga (traditional Egyptian boat with oblique sail), and you will not pick it up. At the pier to this day, ancient "nimer", which served to measure the water level in the Nile. On the island of plants (Kitchener Island), a wonderful botanical garden is divided, in which more than 400 species of subtropical flora grows, including the largest palm collection in the world (more than 100 species).

Aswan dam

Asuan Plotina (Sadd El Ali) – one of the sights of the city, and and all Egypt. This is a unique giant structure with a height of 111 m, 3.8 km long and 1 km width are often called "The pyramid of the twentieth century". Dam created a giant reservoir – this is one of the biggest artificial lakes of the world, with an area of ​​5.2 thousand. kv. km extending 510 km south through Nubia to Sudan.

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Cities of Egypt Aswan

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Cities of Egypt Aswan

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