Egypt city: Alexandria

Alexandria – the second largest city of Egypt. Founded in 332-331. to N.NS. Alexander Macedonian and named in his honor, she was and remains one of the most important points of the Mediterranean coast of Africa. The city is located in the Nile Delta on the shores of the Mediterranean and is the largest port of Egypt.

The border geographical location of Alexandria influenced her. She became a gate from the eastern Muslim world to the Western Christian, from the history of Egypt in his modernity. Although the capital of Egypt Cairo is only 225 km away, the atmosphere is completely different here. Eastern quarters with motley bazaars are intertwined with white European houses, and you can dine not only in Arabic cafe, but also in the Greek tavern.

  • Boats off the coast of Alexandria
  • Embankment Alexandria
  • Sunset over Alexandria

Moligious Alexandria combines richest cultural heritage and a good resort area. Beaches stretch along the 20-kilometer shore both in the city itself and beyond. The total length of the beaches of Alexandria and its suburbs – about 40 km. For those tourists who seek to combine rest with sightseeing, this is the best resort of Egypt.


The city has beaches of Maamura, Montaza, Mandara, Assafra, Sidi Bishr, San Stefano and others. West of Alexandria are located two resorts – Agami and Hannoville, which have a good tourist infrastructure. To the east of the city is the place of Abu-Kor, known for the fact that Napoleon and Nelson’s battle took place next to him. Now Abu-Cyrus is a small town famous for its fish restaurants.

  • Salamlek Hotel, Alexandria
  • Borg El Arab Hotel, Alexandria

Alexandria has both private hotels owned by hotels and urban free. Not everywhere the sand is equally pleasant, in some places the beach can consist of broken seashells. So if you want to spend most of the time on the sea, and not in the city, it is better to choose a hotel on the coast, specifying in advance which sand will be under your feet.

Going to Alexandria must be remembered that it is still not quite a spa place. A four-millionth port city, even standing on the shores of the Mediterranean, does not imply a quiet rest away from civilization. Along the entire promenade, behind the beaches, there is a lively road, and the city itself begins behind it. So Alexandria is more suitable for those who love saturated rest.

But the resort part of Alexandria works all year round. In winter, the coast can be seen a lot of yachts, sailing in the Mediterranean Sea, and the beacons fill the beacons in the summer.


Cities of Egypt Alexandria

Two of the seven wonders of the world were in Egypt. Famous pyramids near Cairo have survived to this day, but Alexandria lighthouse, built about 280 g. to N.NS., Gradually destroyed earthquakes and was finally destroyed in 1375. His ruins formed the basis of the Fort of Kite Bay, which stands in the north of the Eastern Bay and Ponyne, being one of the symbols of the city.

Evidence of continuity epochs also serves another iconic building Alexandria – Alexandrin Library. This huge modern building was built in 2003. On the site of the famous Antique Alexandria library, destroyed many centuries ago.

  • Fort Kite Bay, Alexandria
  • Fortiff Fort Kite Bay, Alexandria
  • Amphitheater, Alexandria

Pompei column has been preserved to this day. This column of rose granite height 25 m was once part of the temple colonnade. Lifting the column itself has long been prohibited, but for ten Egyptian pounds from nine in the morning to four days, it can be admired to it from below, and also to inspect the ruins of the temple that are around.

In the same area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKarmaus, where Pompey’s column is located, Kohm El-Shucafa is located. Here, in the maze of catacombs, there are sarcophages and funeral niches. And the life of the poor part of Alexandria, deprived of the European gloss and opening the beauty of the East. Here is the fabric market – an indispensable attribute of the Eastern City.

Abu-El Abbasa Mosque – the biggest and famous Mosque of Alexandria. It was built in 1767 g. On the site of the tomb of the Muslim patron of seafarers and fishermen Abu-El Abbas El Mursi. In 1944. She, heavily injured during the war, was rebuilt. But, despite this, it remained one of the signs of Alexandria.

  • Alexandrin Library, Alexandria
  • Catacombs Kom el-Shucafa, Alexandria
  • Abu Ela Abbas Mosque, Alexandria

In the Rushdi area there is a complex of archaeological monuments, consisting of several graves of the era of Ptolemyev. They are perfectly preserved.

Arriving in Alexandria, be sure to visit the Greek-Roman Museum, where the works of Egypt art with III are collected in. to N.NS. Until VII B. N.NS., and the Museum of Fine Arts. In addition, you can go to the Museum of Royal Jewels, assembled Mohammed-Ali and his descendants. And the children will be interested in going to the Hydrobiology Museum, located next to the Fort of Kite Bay.

About museums – more in section "Museums".


Alexandria offers a day excursion on the west coast. In Burg al-Arab, you can see the ruins of the temple of Oziris, and then go to the Lake Mariut, where the beacon of the kingdom of Ptolemyev is located – a reduced copy of the same Alexandrian lighthouse, named one of the worlds of light.

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