Cities of Egypt: Abu Simbel

Genuine pearl of Nubia – Temples in Abu Simbel, Little town, located almost on the border with Sudan, 280 km south of Aswan. Ramses II ordered to build a large temple here to commemorate his victory over the hitts. There he commanded to make four huge statues, captured himself, with a smile looking into the desert. Each of the colourines with a height of about 20 m is surrounded by numerous smaller figures, which depict the members of his large family and children, which he had more than 200. Interior facilities are richly decorated with colored bas-reliefs. Next to the large temple in the rock, a smaller temple dedicated to the goddess Hattle, which the features of the Tsaritsa Nefertari are granted, and in the facade of the temple, deep niches are cut down, in which six figures of Ramses II and Nefertari have a height of more than 10 m. Twice a year – February 22 and October 22 – A unique light view can be observed in Abu Simbel: At 6 am, the first ray of the sun penetrates through the input portal and illuminates the corridor of 65 m long, leading to the cultic niche of the sanctuary, without touched by a second Statues of Ptah, but lingering for 6 minutes on Amon and RA, so that it is brightly illuminated by Ramses II for 12 minutes.

In the 60s of the twentieth century, a unique operation was carried out – the temples in Abu Simbel were neatly sawed and transferred to a new one, a higher place – now they are 64 m above and 180 m on the shore, for otherwise they would absorb the reservoir them. Smere created with the construction of the Asuan dam.

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Galina d | September-October 2008

Cities of Egypt Abu Simbel

Independent trip to the south of Egypt

This time I went to the south of Egypt, namely in Luxor, Aswan and Abu Simbel. Last time we went for 2 days, this time decided to go to 3. We would go to more, there were even Cairo and Alexandria in the plans, but since there were only 7 days in Hurghada, I did not want to reduce your holidays on the sea. Therefore, Alexandria was left the next time. So … read more →

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Cruise over Nile

. In general, the vacation has developed successfully, all that was planned – got. The only terribly unpleasant episode in the hotel will come true with time, and we will remember the trip for a long time. In Egypt drove for the first time. Prefer every year to watch a new country. And it is advisable to at least get the maximum pleasure. Therefore, they chose tour "Cruise over Nile" + Rest on the sea (to look right from the beach to fish). Read more →

Cities of Egypt Abu Simbel

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