Denmark City: Odense

Odense is famous for the place of birth of a famous storyter.-NS. Andersen, so it is usually visited for the sake of visiting Museum Andersen. But besides him, the city is interesting in the city where the great storyteller lived in childhood, as well as the cathedral Cathedral of St. Knuda (XI B.), Museum of traditional peasant architecture "F├╝ndskaya village" and numerous squares and parks of the city, decorated with sculptures of the heroes of Andersen’s fairy tales.

South of Odense is the famous castle Eguscorev ("Oak forest") built in 1554 g. In the middle of a little lake, and surrounded by an excellent English fleet of more than 15 hectares. In the castle works Car Museum with more than 300 exhibits.

Reviews and studies of trips

Denmark, Funene Island

We went to the largest city on the island and the third largest in Denmark – Odense. Distance between cities 158 km We flew on a speed train in 1.5 hours. Read more →

Harmony Ltd | Spring 2016

Cities of Denmark Odense

Odense – the city of Andersen

I have already walked a lot in Copenhagen and therefore I decided to go to Odense (stress on O) – the homeland of Andersen and the capital of the neighboring island. This is an hour with a little on the train. Read more →

Maksiq | Summer 2014

There are Denmark in the world, friend Horatio. Nyborg and Odense

. It is in the Nyborg Castle in King Eric Glipping (Erik Glipping) in 1282. Proclaimed about the first Danish constitution (such expensive of medieval laws consider the coronation charter), from here, without a small 200 years, managed the state (I wonder if there would be at least one castle in Denmark, from where they did not manage) – the first Danish parliament, Danehof / Danehoffer. The organization was influential, so it is not surprising that the young ruler of the squid Eric Pomeransky makes the capital of Denmark Copenhagen (1417) – to weaken the power and influence of noble families. The last meeting of Danehof was four years earlier – in 1413. Read more →

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