Czech Cities: Treburn

In 20 km east of Ceske-Budevice, the town of Trebon (Trebon) is the center of the Lake Territory of South Bohemia, also known as Trebonsko (Trebonsko).

The characteristic hilly landscapes of the southern part of the Czech Republic are replaced here by flat plains of interfolding of Vltava and Luzhnice, peat quags and literally by fish lakes. The tangled system of reservoirs connected by canals and ducts has been a fisheries center, which is now the main source of local income. Interestingly, the fish here is preferred not to catch the tackle, but just to dry the ponds completely, collecting "catch" Right from the bottom. Even large reservoirs, such as Lake Rezberk, dries every two years, which serves as a signal to the beginning "Putin", and then numerous rural fairs and peters.

Sights Trebony

Truborn himself, founded in the middle of the XII century, essentially consists of only of four medieval streets, the monastery of the XIV century and the castle, surrounded from all sides with all sorts of reservoirs. Huge Renaissance Castle Rozhzemberkov (Trebon Zamek, open from April to October from Thursday to Sunday from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 16:00, from June to August – until 17:15) takes almost one fifth town square. His architecture is rather unusual – as if folded from the buildings of different centuries and styles, he at first glance at all like a serious fortress. However, the inner decoration is definitely worth attention, since it was designed and built by his famous master Peterok, and some elements of the interior were imported in the XIX century from all over Europe. Near the castle, an English Park was spread around the Square from where you can go to the castle exhibition Trebonsko – Krajina A Lide ("Trebony – Edge and People", 50 CZK), telling about the history of the region.

Also deserve attention Cathedral of Saint Elijah (1280 g.) surrounded by numerous baroque buildings Town Hall Square With a plague post and town hall, such a colorful area of ​​Mazarik, old fortress trees and walls, as well as a famous brewery REGENT BREWERY The south of the main square is founded in the XIV century, it still works, and a special tour of his codings will allow you to get acquainted with dozens of light beer varieties.

Cities of Czech Republic Treburn

A little south of city walls on the road to Borovany (Borovany) rises Tomb of Schwarzenberg Schwarzenberska Hrobka). A pretty simple neo-moist building with a crypt, almost hidden by the shores of the lake, decorated only by a chapel.

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Czech Republic – In Search of Spring. South Bohemia: Treburn

Why Treburn? I do not know. I read about the carp ponds, about the tomb of Schwarzenberg, about the cozy main square. In general, I wanted to go from Croomlov to Tabor. And Treburn was on the way. Why not to pop up? Read more →

Cities of Czech Republic Treburn

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