Czech Cities: Trebich

55 km west of Brno lies Trebic town (Trebic), widely known for its Romantic Basilica and Restored Jewish Ghetto, protected by UNESCO since 2003.

home Karlovo Namesti Square extensive and although inferior to the beauty of the city centers of Talka or Slavonitz, but gives a good idea of ​​the medieval appearance of the city. Basilica of St. Prokop (SV Prokop) was built in the XII-XIV centuries as part of the chapel of the Saint Virgin Mary, which was part of Benedictine Monastery (1240-1280.), then repeatedly rebuilt. During the first half of the XVI century, many building of the monastery were rebuilt into the castle and later repaired in the Baroque style, and the Basilica herself survived and retained most of its original architecture, combining the elements of Romanesque and Gothic styles. Very nearby are towering Church of St. Martin (XV-XVII centuries.) and many renaissance buildings of different periods.

Cities of Czech Republic Trebich

Former Ghetto Zamosti Lies on the slopes of the north shore of Jihlava. At the end of the 18th century, the Jews amounted to almost 60% of the population of the city, but by the 1930s there are no more than 300 left, and the majority later died in the Nazi death camps. As an architectural object Zamosti (in fact – only two parallel paved streets from Zerotinovo Namesti Square north of the bridge) preserved perfectly and is currently the house of local gypsies, gradually restoring to its original appearance. The center of this picturesque quarter is Rear synagogue (Zadni Synaagoga, opening time: daily from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 17:00), decorated with vegetable and floral motifs. In the women’s gallery there is a permanent exhibition, telling about the Jews of Trebich, and the 290 died memorial opened in the Holocaust.

Also from the city easily reach the picturesque castle in Jaromezice-over-Rokito (Jaromerice Nad Rokytnou, 15 km south), which is a bright sample of baroque architecture of the XVI-XVIII centuries.

Cities of Czech Republic Trebich

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