Czech cities: Teplice

At the very northwest of the Czech Republic, 75 km from Prague, Lies Teplice Teplice (Teplice, Teplice-&# 352; ANOV, TEPLITZ-SCHONAU).


For four centuries, it is a famous balneological resort – local mineral springs with water temperature up to + 44 ° C (here is the name of the city) and the high content of fluorine is extremely favorable in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system.

Once part of the famous "Resort Quartet Bohemia" (Mariansk-Lazne, Teplice, Františkovy Lazne and Karlovy Vary), Nowadays, he has somewhat lost its meaning, but still remains one of the most popular seats of rest of the northeast of the country. There are 8 resort complexes and more than two dozen small healthcare.


The most beautiful place of the city – Street Lazenska, Almost completely built up with buildings in neoclassical style with arcades and tiled roofs. It was here that Ludwig Van Beethoven stopped (every year a music festival is held here), and it is here that most resort and medical institutions are concentrated here.

Cities of Czech Republic Teplice

The second significant place is urban lock (XVI-XIX centuries.) Baroque style in which the Teplice Museum is now located with extensive local lore exposition and excellent permanent exhibitions dedicated to Beethoven, Pushkin and Goethe. Within the framework of an organized tour, you can visit the courtyard of the castle and inspect the fragments of medieval basilica with well-preserved Romanese crypt.

Pretty popular picturesque Sliminary Square With a plague post (1718 g.), Town Hall (1545 g.), Cistercian monastery, Former synagogue (burned in March 1939 and restored as a public building) and beautiful Botanical Garden (Square 2 hectares), essentially anewded in 2004 on the site of a similar complex of the XIX century.

You can also visit North Czech Observatory on sandy grief and planetarium in the area of ​​Shanov (&# 352; ANOV).

Cities of Czech Republic Teplice

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