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85 km west of Brno Located City Telch (Telc). This charming settlement was founded near the Romance Church, presumably in the XI century. A city with a small lock and large trading area Zachari&# 225;&# 353; Namesti surrounded by merchant houses.

From 1339 to 1604, the castle was rebuilt and acquired a system of reservoirs, which in the end and determined the characteristic appearance of urban quarters, on the one hand, who escaped in the castle ditch, on the other – in the ponds and the River Moravsk-Die. After the devastating fires of 1386 and 1530, most buildings were reconstructed in the Renaissance style and Baroque, although in general the preserved their medieval appearance. This architectural unity, probably, prompted UNESCO to make this small town (population of about 6,000 people) to its list of world cultural heritage.

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Renaissance dominate the city center lock (www.zamek-telc.CZ) XVII century with fragments of older fortress structures – walls of the XII-XIV centuries., Upper and lower gates (XVI in.), Tower of the Holy Spirit (1629 g.), elegant chapel of all saints (1580 g.) opposite the cashier and so on. In January 2007, Telch won the competition "The most fabulous castle of the Czech Republic". Inside the set of excursions are carried out only accompanied by a guide (140 CZK). Opening time: in April and October – from Thursday to Sunday, from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 16:00, from May to September – until 17:00.

In the eastern wing of the castle, the Galerie Jana Zrzaveho (Galerie Jana Zrzaveho) applies, dedicated to this famous painter and surrealist, born in the nearby town of Gavlichkuv Brod (Havlickuv Brod).

Another famous monument is Church of the Holy Spirit (XIII B., Rebuilt in Romanesque style in XV in.) with bell tower 49 meters high. Nearby can be discovered Church of St. Jacob (XIV-XV BB.) with a 60-meter bell tower and Holy name of Christ (1666-1667.), Jesuit College and monastery with the church of the same name (XV-XVII centuries.), Mariana column (1718 g.) with a fountain in the center of Square, as well as cemetery Church of St. Anna (XVI-XVII in.).

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Old quarters are best preserved on the shore of the lake, 15 minutes walk from Zachari&# 225;&# 353; Namesti – Special leads here track "On stoves", framed by the statues of the saints performed in the Baroque style (XVIII in.). In addition to the Renaissance buildings of this picturesque part of the city, it is worth seeing The smallest house telch In the southeast corner of the Square of Our Lady, the same name Capella Rococo style (1572 g.) leading to the north narrow alley to the small gate of the old city, Town Hall (now inside the city tourist office works), as well as the road to the south built up with old mansions, to big gates, followed by the Church of the Holy Spirit.

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Telch, Czech Republic

Telch – one of the most beautiful cities of South Czech Republic. I called the little city of Jigawa, and Telch less exactly ten times: the population of the city is only about six thousand people. Read more →

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