Czech City: Pelgrimov

At the very east of South Bohemia, almost on the border with Moravia, there is a sleepy medieval town of Pelgřimov (Pelhrimov, Pelh&# 345; IM in Czech – "pilgrim"). Founded in the XIII century in large silver deposits, he quickly grew up in the administrative center of Vysochina (Kraj Vyso&# 269; INA, now the capital is Jihlava), in which Morava and Czechs lived nearby.

Now the town is known for its beautiful historical core with a diameter of hardly more than 200 meters. Within old urban walls you can see beautiful Mansion SREJNAROVSKY DUM Renaissance style, Richansky castle (XVI B., Now there is a part of the collection of the local museum) in Venetsian style, castle church (XV-XVII centuries.), Church of St. Bartholomew With luxurious bell tower 61 meters high, the oldest in the city Church of St. Vitus (1422 G.) from the nearby chapel of the Virgin Dolores (XVII in.) and the tomb of noble families of the city, Church of the Holy Cross (1671 G.), old attractive Towers Jihlava and Rinatar (XVI B.), Ruins Chapel of St. Anna (1699 g.), Fountain with the Statue of St. Jacob (1546 g.) on the picturesque area of ​​Masarik, Municipal Theater (1707-1766.), numerous mansions of old rich families, as well as baroque Faruv DUM, Rebuilt in 1913 by a famous cubist Pavel Yanak in a pretty bizarre combination of different styles (on the second floor there is now a popular cafe Vinarna u BRANY).

Cities of Czech Republic Pelgrimov

Since the middle of the XVI century, this town is known as the brewing center. Excellent local varieties made by classical technology can be tried in Bar U Vlasaku next to the brewing plant, outside the walls of the old city and the castle; as well as in the top ten zucchini around the city. The most famous manufacturer of the region – Pivovar Poutn&# 237; k, in whose name is clearly there is a pretty original word word – "Pilgrim ("traveler") From the city of Pelgřimov".

Cities of Czech Republic Pelgrimov

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