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90 km northeast of Prague, in the convenient valley of the Nisa River (LU&# 382; ICK&# 225; NISA, NYSA &# 321; u&# 380; YCKA) Lies Liberec City (Liberec). In this place, two ridges are converging – Yizers "run away" north-east, and Eshdenovsky – northwest, which creates a special and very pleasant microclimate, and also forms an extensive network of dozens of pure mountain rivers. The city is rapidly developing as a center for winter sports.

Liberec himself, first mentioned in the chronicles of the XIV century, is widely known for its textile industry, but tourists are attracted here well the preserved historical core, several pretty good museums and picturesque surroundings. By the way, this is one of the few cities of the planet, which is connected to "neighbors" Not by rail or motor transport, and tram – to the nearby town of Jablonec Nad Nisou (Jablonec Nad Nisou) stretch the colorful branch longer than 10 km.


City Business Card – His Town Hall (Liberec Radnice) on the main square of Benesovo Namesti. Built in 1893, it deliberately copies the Viennese Town Hall, and its non-herenistic towers (the central attacks 65 meters) have a clear slope in Flemish style and beautifully highlight in the evenings. Liberec for a long time was the center of the German communes of the North, during the times of Nazi occupation, he was even the capital of Sudetening Germany (the German name Raychenberg (Reichenberg) is still found in many European guidebooks), so it is not surprising that the city was one of the few places outside the capital who supported developments "Prague Spring" 1968 – a small memorial to the right of the Town Hall perpetuated the memory of the fallen in those days.

The Town Hall itself is open to a visit within an organized tour, which takes place from April to May on Saturdays from 10:00 to 12:00; From June to September – from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:00, on Saturdays – from 10:00 to 12:00.

Second easily recognizable symbol of the city – Tenerbashnya On Mount Yested (JE&# 353; T&# 283; D, 1012 m) south of the city. Built in 1968 in rather unusual for such structures "Shatraov" Style, she rightfully enters the list of the most beautiful TVs of Europe – Architect Carl Guba received for this project a prestigious Perret Award Prize.

Also worth a visit Libertsk Castle (1582-1587., One of the first stone buildings in the city is now closed for visiting), Watchtower VYHLIDKOVA VEZ, LIDOV&# 233; Sady 425/1), excellent North Security Museum (Severoceske Muzeum) in the XIX century mansion, the oldest (1919 g.) Zoo in Bohemia – Zoologicka Zahrada (Opened from April to October from 8:00 to 18:00, from November to March – to 17:00, the entrance is 90 kroons) with the largest collection of predatory birds in Europe and the two rarest white tigers, open in 1895 and recently Fully reconstructed Botanical gardens – The most modern in Bohemia, as well as Car Museum.


Libekec has the largest indoor moon park in the country – Centrum Babylon (www.Centrumbabylon.CZ) with multiple swimming pools, fair and casino. And all the sights of the city are very compact, which allows them to walk on foot literally in an hour (with the exception of the broadcaster, naturally, to the foot of which you need to climb on the funicular).

Ski resort

The main zone of skiing is located on Mount Eshden (JE&# 353; T&# 283; D, 1011 m) – its slopes have northern orientation and therefore better "Keep" Snow than Higher Springs Yizers. At altitudes from 1000 to 540 meters 13 trails were laid (30% "blue", 50% "Red" and 20% "Black", Although this division is sufficiently conditionally) with a total length of 9.2 km serviced by 10 lifts (4 of them – children’s) total bandwidth of more than 11 thousand people per hour.

The longest slopes – Skalka (1730 m, the drop 360 m) and Libereck&# 225; (1480 m, Delta – 300 m), the rest rarely when exceed 700 meters. Most tracks are quite narrow and due to the constant processing of snow guns with ice powders, so they are difficult to recommend for beginners, but a special children’s zone is highlighted in the lower slopes. Also there are three ski jumps, snowpark, a running skiing length is 7.5 km long, about 40 km of downhill trails and a little more pedestrian trail.

Cities of Czech Republic Liberec

For APRES SKI, it is best to use the capabilities of Libez himself, in which there are many hotels, clubs, bars, restaurants and discos, as well as children’s centers, water park and the oldest in Bohemia Zoo.

Sustainable snow cover keeps from early December to early April.

One-day ski pass costs 500 CZK- 550 CZK for an adult and 250 CZK- 280 CZK – for a child, seven-day – 2600 CZK- 3000 CZK and 1340 CZK- 1520 CZK, respectively. All sorts of discounts and special offers.

How to get

Getting to Liberets is the easiest way to car or train from Prague (about 150 km) through Mlada Boleslav.

Reviews and studies of trips

Czech Liberec – the capital of North Bohemia

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Cities of Czech Republic Liberec

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