Czech Cities: Boskovice

In 17 km north of Blansko (40 km north of Brno) lies the town of Boskovitsa (Boskovice) with a modest lock and a dilapidated fortress on the top of the hill. However, he is famous for one of the best of all the preserved Jewish quarters in Moravia.

Jews lived here at least from the 20th century, but since 1727 they were concluded in the ghetto, surrounded by a five-gate wall, some of which were preserved to this day. Also worth a visit synagogue XVII century with a permanent historical exhibition south of the main square on Antonina Trapla, one of the largest in the country Jewish cemeteries, Church of St. James, modest city ​​Museum on Hradni, lying from here just 5 minutes walk lock (once it was a monastery rebuilt under the aristocratic mansion of the MENSDORFF-Pouillys dynasty in 1820) with carefully restored neoclassical interiors, the ruins of the Gothic castle of the XIII century, as well Westernove Mestecko Boskovice Theme Park 2 km north-east of the city.

Cities of Czech Republic Boskovitsa

Also, the Boskovitor serves as a good starting point for visiting the Moravian Karst.

In addition, the prestigious is held here Jazz Holiday Unijazz Praha (July) and large HRADHOUSE FESTIVAL DANCE FESTIVAL (August).

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