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20 km north-west Zlin and 60 km north-east of Brno lies Cromeriz (KROMERIZ), which served as the residence of Olomouc bishops since 1110. This quiet and peaceful town definitely deserves visits due to the presence of a beautiful castle and extensive gardens. In 1997, the Middle Age Center of Kromerge received the status of the state protected by the state, and he himself was recognized as a beautiful historical city of the Czech Republic.

Archbishop Castle (ArcIbiskUpsky Zamek) rises in the northern corner of the central square Velke Namesti. More than a palace complex, it was laid in 1497 and since then repeatedly rebuilt, so now it is baroque for the majority of rococo interiors to form original unity of elements and ideas, from a combination of dark wood and marble to low ceilings and a two-bedroom (!) Beds bishop. It is not surprising that these interiors have repeatedly attracted here royal people (in the city more than once they held the most important negotiations and congresses) and cinematographers. Here, for example, starred famous "Amadeus" Milosa Forman. Now the complex is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and it is possible to visit it within organized tours covering the famous Cathedral Hall (Snemovni Sal), the gallery (Zamecka Obrazarna) with an extensive collection of works of art of the XVI-XVII centuries from the Liechtenstein collection, a number of internal chambers and halls And also the tower with a delightful panorama of the square with surrounding streets and gardens.

Extensive itself Velke Namesti Square, Practically overlooking the river Morava, previously was just a market. Its crucible paving bridge interrupts only gilded Fountain Plague Column, Colorly surrounded by a group of trees. Former shopping galleries are easily recognized in the first floors of the surrounding buildings and even in the Town Hall Complex (Radnice) with a beautiful white Renaissance Tower. And departing from the square Janska street It is considered the most beautiful architectural ensemble of the city, combining stepped terracement with bright facades of the Austro-Hungarian Empire period.

Another beautiful Fountain ensemble with column You can find on Riegrovo Namesti Square. And to the right and down the area is elapsed towards the Morav Sutter Garden (Podzamecka Zahrada), twice the old town superior on the square. Now this is a pleasant park (open daily: in the summer from 7:00 to 19:00, in winter – from 7:00 to 16:00) with several reservoirs, gazebos, bird aviary and a zerin, serving a favorite vacation spot after visiting the castle. In ten minutes, walking to the west of the castle the more strict park complex Blooming Garden (Kvetna Zahrada, open on the same schedule, but the entrance is paid – 20 kroons) with clearly melted lawns and architectural elements in the style of early baroque. In the center there is a huge dome-shaped rotunda with a foco pendulum – one of the four existing in the world.

Cities of Czech Kromerzhiz

Museum Kromerizh (Muzeum Kromerizska, open from Thursday to Sunday from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 17:00, the entrance – 40 CZK) is located on the main square and contains a large collection of works of the local native Max Swabrish (end of the XIX century) , collection of exotic butterflies and bird stuffed, as well as the historical department.

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Cities of Czech Kromerzhiz

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