Cities of Colombia: Popoyan

One of the most beautiful and well-preserved colonial cities of Colombia, Popayan (Popayan) is the capital of Kauca Department. It was founded on the slope of the Volcano Puracech. All the same Sebastian de Biellasar in 1537. Located halfway between Bogota and Quito, he soon became a major center for the cultivation and processing of sugar cane. Moderate climate attracted many immigrants here, and the city has grown into an important religious and shopping center with many churches, monasteries, seminaries and prosperous companies.

Nowadays, the Church of Iglesia de San Francisco can be seen here (is widely known for its beautiful altar), Ileglya de Santo Domingo, Church and Women’s Monastery of San Agustin, Iglesia de la Hermita (1546 g – the most Old Church of the city), Cathedral Cathedral (Restored after the earthquake 1983, when the entire city center was almost completely destroyed, and all the restoration and restoration work held residents of the city), Iglesia de Carmen, Iglesia de Encarnasion, Iglesia de -San-Jose, as well as Chapel de Belen, from the walls of which offers a beautiful panorama of the city and surroundings. Museum of Casa-Musseo-Mosseur with a collection of samples of colonial art, a meeting of religious art in Moseo de Art-religioso (located in the building of the old Franciscan monastery), Casa-Miseo-Negre (modern art), Museum of the poet Guillermo Valencia, Museum Natural History, Kauki University, Morro de Toulcan building with Statue of Bellscasar, Umildero Bridge with his brick arches.

Cities of Colombia Popayan

Northeast of the city is the village of Silva, famous for its Indian Community "Guambiano" (one of the most traditional ethnic groups of Colombia) and weekly market (on Tuesdays), where you can get acquainted with local Indians and their traditional clothes, as well as buy articles of handicrafts or the freshest local fruits. Not far from the city, on the banks of the Magdalena River, the largest sector of stone sculptures in South America is located in South America – Archaeological Park San Agustin (included in UNESCO World Heritage List). Here, on the square about 310 kV. Km, scattered about 500 megalithic sculptures with a height of 20 centimeters to 7 meters dated, according to different estimates, the period I-XIV centuries. N. NS. In Bosque de Las Estatasuas ("Forest statues") Another 35 figures are arranged, a convenient pedestrian trail is laid between them, and in Fuente de Lavapates ("Omon source", Apparently – the main ritual place of necropolis) found a ritual pool with traces of numerous sacrifice. Rocky Park Valley All cut through canals and reservoirs. The park also has a small archaeological museum with an extensive collection of ceramic products discovered in these places and religious items. A few more archaeological complexes are somewhat lower on the river – El Altos de Los Idolam ("Hill idols"), protected by stone sculptures, and also north – the famous Necropolis Alto de Lavapataas and La Cakire, with their painted sculptures, cut down in the sheer cliffs from a single stone.

Eastern Popoyan lies one of the most picturesque national parks of the country – Naconal Paras Parake. At the borders of the Park are the same volcanic (4758 m), numerous lakes, waterfalls and hot springs, and the fumarole lakes of the thermal de-san Juan are saturated with gray, and the sources of the sawmbala form hot streams that merge into small thermal lakes that have a healing reputation.

Cities of Colombia Popayan

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