Cities of Colombia: Medellin

The second largest city of Colombia, the capital of the province of Anti-Kazakhstan and "Terra-Paisa", Medellin (Medellin) was founded in 1616 at an altitude of 1538 m above sea level. This is the most dangerous city of the planet (about 5,000 grave crimes take place a year – eight times more than the most unfavorable cities of the USA), the city "Sicarios" (teenage gangs) and drug carriers, inhabited, oddly enough, more than 3 million very friendly people who even within Colombia have the glory of merry and artists. And the Valley of Aburo, whose slopes occupy the city’s neighborhoods of Medellin, has a wonderful climate, the average temperature here all year round ranges around the mark of +24 with.

The city itself is very colorant – among the old quarters and the crucible streets of the center there will be rare Spanish churches, mixed with villas and barracks of red bricks. The attractions of the city include Basilica de la Candelaria, Basilica Metropolitan (beginning of the XX century, is considered the largest brick church in South America) in the Park de Bolivar, Puebleito Paisa – an exact copy of the typical village of the region with numerous shops selling Handicraft products, Plaza de Toros-La Makarena Square, Plaza Botero Square, on which Numerous works of Fernando Botero are exhibited – the world-famous local sculptor, Museo-De-Anti Museum with all the same Botero, as well as university, Two stadiums (local football team – the leader of the National Championship) and, of course, the famous Botanical Garden of Hardin-Botaniko-Hoakin Antonio-Uribe with his no less famous collection of orchids – Orchidorama.

The annual festival of Fiiria de Las Flores colors is held in Medelline at the end of July and early August. This colorful holiday opens with a parade "Caballero" (In some years, their number comes up to 7,000 riders) marching through the whole city. The culmination of the holiday falls on Defile de Sileteros, when thousands of locals descend from the slopes with flowers in their hands, forming real moving sea from colored spots of national costumes and bouquets. Also widely known to the Medellian International Festival of Poetry, passing in mid-June.

Cities of Colombia Medellin

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Cities of Colombia Medellin

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