China city: Shanghai

Separate administrative unit Shanghai – one of the largest shopping cities in the world.

In addition to thousands of shopping institutions Nanzin-Donla, Huayhai-Zhonglu, Zinlin-Donla, Sichuan-Bale, Jinlin-Donla and Nyantjing-Power, as well as the districts of Band and Franchtown, here must be inspected here by Sizhou Creek, Old Town, Square Renmin with an extensive Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Museum of Art and History, Museum of Natural Sciences, Garden Mandarin Yu (XVI in.), Purple Autumn Clouds Garden, Temples of Jade Buddha (Yifeti) and Chenghuangmäo, as well as the majestic 5-tier Pagoda Longhua.

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At least once for her career about it every model thinks. Some come from China with a bag of money, others with a pimple face, others do not come at all. Read more →

olga elizar | Winter 2017

Cities of China Shanghai

Oh, Shanghai!

Shanghai Multicoln, multifaceted and multifaceted – this is a modern international city, beloved by expatoves and tourists. And now he headed my personal list of the best cities in the world. Read more →

Alena Miho | Autumn 2016

Shanghai: Holland and Italy

To start, I chose Amsterdam, which is located far in the north, but within walking distance from the subway. Chinese Amsterdam called Gaoqiao (Gaoqiao). Read more →

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