China City: Nanjing (Nanjing)

Tourists should visit Nanjing (Nanjing, Nanjing, Nankin, Nanking) – ancient (up to 1420 g.) Capital of China.

The city is famous for wide boulevards and shady trees, which in the face of a fairly roast local climate (it is often called "One of the three stoves of China") turns it into a kind of oasis.

Numerous medieval structures have been preserved here, including the city wall of the Ming era (33 km – the longest city wall of the world), temples and pagodas, as well as the Mausoleum of the First President of the Republic of China Sun Yatien east of the city.

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What can I say about Nanjing?

Here is my village, here is my home native. In this cozy district of Nanjing, where it was possible to find a simple hotel for 80 yuan, I was a little delayed. Read more →

Cities of China Nanjing (Nanjing)

Juan | Autumn 2015

Massacre in Nanjing and Water cities in Suzhou

Who said that soldiers of the Imperial Army of Japan staged a massacre in Nanjing, in which about 400,000 people died? There was no such thing! Look at this photo. Read more →

Nanjing – Southern Capital

On the way from Beijing to Suzhou, he stopped in the city with a glorious history past last century – Nanjing. Night high-speed train from Beijing arrived at the Nanjing station in 6-30 read more →

Cities of China Nanjing (Nanjing)

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