China City: Guangzhou

In Guangzhou, the main city of Guangdong Province, stretching along the coast of the South China Sea, it is worth a visit to the main zoo of the country, the Guangzhou Museum, Guantasy Mosque and Huaysung, Whether Pagoda and the Temple of Six Molders. On the Embankment of the River will not remain unnoticed the highest attraction – the magnificent tower-skyscraper, beautifully highlighted in the dark.

The city itself is an open economic zone with extremely advanced trade and beginner intensively developing sphere of marine resorts.

Restaurants in Guangzhou

In the restaurants of the middle hand dishes – 25-50 yuan (up to 10 bucks). With maps there may be problems, some want only something special – for example, "Chinese mastercard".

Transport in Guangzhou

The road to the city center from the airport on the metro costs 8 yuan (1.5 bucks), the path to central stations will take 35-40 minutes.

Disposable tickets can only be bought in the machine for trifles – coins and banknot 5 and 10 yuan. Travel can be bought at the box office, but also for cash.

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Cities of China Guangzhou

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Cities of China Guangzhou

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