China City: Chongqing

Chongqing (Chongqing, Chiongqing) is one of the ancient cities in China, his story has more than 3 thousand years.

The city is known for its old, brought to the slopes of the mountain, neighborhoods, hot springs, picturesque foothills of Jinhunshan Mountains and Nanshan, as well as nearby Ulong Caves, Lesopark Jinfoshan, Skalla Bansellets Daczu, colorful waterfalls on the Ziyan River in the Mountains of the Ushn, Magnificent Fortress "Diaoyuichn" In Hachuan, the architectural-landscape ensemble of the Fortress Shibaochi in Zhongsyan county, Kumanney Zhang Fai in Yunyan, Buddhist Monastery Shuanguitan in Lyanpin county and "Stone forest" County Vanshhen.

Museum is interesting in the city "Hongyantsun", Memorial complex of victims of the Khan Kaisha, Zhang Zhizhun ("Guiuan") and kun Syancy ("Kunjuan").

From the city begins numerous river cruises on the Great River Yangtze, to the thresholds of Fulin and "Heavenly stairs" in the county Shizhu.

Reviews and studies of trips

Chongqing. Outacades and bridges

Chongqing is famous for its cosmic transport junctions. If you want to look at the fantastic city of the future, then you are here. Read more →

Cities of China Chongqing

Juan | Autumn 2015

China: Chongqing. Old city

It may seem that Chongqing is a city from skyscrapers, but in fact, a lot of old quarters have been surprisingly preserved here between skyscrapers. Here, for example, near the station. Read more →

Juan | Autumn 2015

Chongqing. The most pussy place in the world

Chongqing has an entertainment park called "Street foreigners" (Yangrenjie). This is a real kingdom kingdom and thrash architecture. Singing Yoshkar-Ola in miniature. Read more →

Cities of China Chongqing

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