Capital of Chad (before 1973 he wore the name of Fort Lami) was founded in 1900 at the merger of the Rivers of the Shari and Logon. Until his renaming, the Ndjamen was known as one of the most beautiful and quiet cities of the Sahel, where French influence clearly traced. However, the civil war began shortly after the independence of independence inflicted a terrible damage of its former glory.

Currently, the city is slowly returning to its real appearance, not least due to the fact that the inhabitants of the nizmena are considered one of the most friendly and hardworking peoples of Africa. The rapid growth of urban quarters and intensive modernization of urban infrastructure made Ndjamen by the passing political, economic and cultural center of the country, and its noisy markets, many handicraft workshops and flourishing musical culture contrast with many shady alley, colonial palaces and fountains remaining since the times of the past. Footprints and pules from the bullets are reminded of the difficult story of the city, but gradually the Ndjamen is changing for the better.

The city is divided into two parts – small "European" or "administrative" area and noticeably greater and more lively "African". Almost all the sights of N’jamen belong to the colonial period and are concentrated in the old town, which occupies the North-Western part, closer to Plyansa de Etoile. Here you can see a large mosque of Ndjamens (built in 1978 by French masters on the central ruins of the Caao era) on the Avenue Charles de Gaulle, located almost opposite the mosque of the Gran Marsh, the rustic market (one of the best in Central Africa), colorful buildings Prefectures and Palace of the President, Catholic Mission, the National Chad Museum with a unique collection of CERH culture (IX in N. NS.), University, as well as the extensive business district of Kemp-Kufra, almost entirely located within the colonial quarter.

The south of the big mosque is located hippodrome (one of the best in the region) and 4 km south-east of the city there is even a modern golf club. Also near the urban feature (10 km northeastern city) lies the village of Gaui – the old capital of the SAO tribal group, where, as it is believed, giants lived. Now the village is famous for its traditional architecture and potters, and the exhibits of the excavations leading here are presented in a small but very colorful local museum. The north of Ndjamen lies the resort of Dougi, from where excursions are sent by the River Shari to the picturesque rocks of Elefiant Rock, which are really like frozen elephants.

Cities of Chad N'jamena

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Cities of Chad N'jamena

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