Canada City: Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the most picturesque cities of Canada, the third in the number of residents and the second port in North America.

The central part of Vancouver is located at the foot of two majestic peaks – Mount Seymour and Hollyburn, about 1,300 meters high, and on the shores of the Grand British Bay. Through the numerous rivers of Vancouver, 20 bridges were laid, and three divorce bridges – Burand Bridge, Cambi Bridge and Granville Bridge – connect the city center with other Vancouver districts and are quite interesting tourist objects.

Tourists Park Stanley (400 hectares of Cedar Forest) and his seaside embankment, the oldest quarter of the city – Gastown, the largest in Canada, the Chinese Quarter, Queen Elizabeth Botanical Park and University Botanical Garden, Garden Wang Dusten, Japanese Garden Nitob on Marin Drive , Cathedral of Krist-Cherch (the oldest church of Vancouver) with beautiful stained glass windows and a magnificent wooden ceiling, Ford Theater, entertainment complex "Commodore", Museum of Arts, Vancouver Museum with Planetarium, Cinema House "Omimax", Anthropological Museum, Century Museum and Maritime Museum. Three Stanley Park Beach, Kitsilano Beach, Zherik, River Beach and Locarno, despite cool water, attract thousands of vacationers.

Vancouver is surrounded by dense forests and high mountains, so the most popular tourist routes pass through the picturesque neighborhoods of the city. The most interesting ski station Vistler, Skomisk with a huge rock of Stavamus Chif, Shannon-Falls Waterfall, Nanaimo Town on the Ocean, Queen Charlotte Archipelago, as well as the old railway, connecting the most beautiful places in the vicinity of the city.

Reviews and studies of trips

Vancouver Island, December Surfing, Avatar Groove

Grandfather celebrated Christmas with a nephew with Vancouver Island. We were going to this island, and the nephew at that time was alone in a big house at the lake with a canoe and two surf boards read more →

Cities of Canada Vancouver

Hamstersha | December 2013

Amazing laughter (Vancouver, Canada)

A-Maze-Ing Laughter – this is the name of this amazing sculpture complex, and for the sake of it it was worth it to dretch on the day in Vancouver. And there is so much, by the way. Read more →

uiloq | December 2013

What to see in Canada

I went to Canada to the international conference that was in g. Banf in Alberta Province. And on March 30, I went to Warsaw on the plane. Through London, I got to Vancouver, the interesting thing is our planet, departing at 17.05 From London, at the same time the same day flew to Vancouver, and then I was shook out like a fever. Read more →

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