Cities of Canada: Quebec City

This city is Americans and Canadians call "Europe in America", For anywhere else in Canada and the United States has not been preserved so perfectly real medieval European city with a fortress, cathedrals, narrow cobbled streets and what is most importantly – the flavor and spirit of Europe. At the same time, it is very important to emphasize that for the tourists spoiled Europe, Quebec City will seem pretty, but quite banal. In France, dozens of such cities, and fortresses and locks are exotic only for North America. But it is still worth going to Quebec City, even if you traveled to Europe along and across. Yet Quebec Province and its main city in particular are very different from France as such. French colonists who arrived in these harsh northern regions for the first time in the XVI century, tried to recreate their usual provincial Europe in the midst of the taiga and surrounded by Indians. An interesting nuance: those French-speaking Quebecs who live in Canada, in their mass do not have anything with France, except for the language, they are only very distant descendants of those French, which arrived in Canada 400-500 years ago.

In Quebec City (Quebec City, "Kebek" on one of the Indian laws "Place where water is narrowed") – the capital of Quebec province (and sometime and all Canada), the only city in North America has been preserved Fortress Wall Citadel known called "American Gibraltar", as well as a whole area of ​​medieval building – Latin Quarter (recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Monument) with Catholic Cathedrals, Jesuit and Franciscan monasteries, Parliament (XIX B.), Park artillery and etc. Now on narrow streets, usually filled with tourists, there are numerous shops, shops, restaurants and bars.

No less interesting urban aquarium on the banks of the river. Lawrence, Zoo, a huge rink on Square Duvil, "Indian village" Onochua Shetek, Park Jacques Cartier, as well as suburban parks "Shie MoNorancy" with huge (above Niagara) of the same name and "Schuy de la seud" with no less wonderful waterfall height in 120 m.

Cities of Canada Quebec City

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