Cities of Canada: Ottawa

Ottawa, the old name – Baiton) became the capital of Canada in 1857. This is extremely quiet, clean and calm city, even by Canadian standards.

Sights of Ottawa

The main sights of Ottawa are parliament (you can even visit the meetings of the Canada’s legislature), the tower of the world with 53 bells on it, the picturesque quarter around the indoor market Baiveord, Channel Rido (in winter, turns into the longest rink in the world – 8 km.), The stables of the Royal Police, the Canadian Museum of Nature, the Museum of Science and Technology with the largest telescope of the country, Museum of Modern Photography, Museum of Laurage, Numismatics Museum in the building of Canada, National Center for Arts, National Gallery of Canada, Civilization Museum with a unique exposure on the history of these Lands, Canadian Military Museum, National Museum of Aeronautics, Museum of Nature, Museum of Cartoon and DR.

Exhibition Hall of Ottawa – Baiveord Market, La-Mason du-Cite, Le Malun-Des-Ants and ARTS Court, are known far beyond the country. Lovers of national art can visit Ottawa Sivik Centr, Congress Center and Nepine SportsPleks, where many amazing things and art objects are sold and exhibited.

Music lovers are waiting for pleasant meetings with the orchestra of the National Center for Arts, Ottawa Symphony Orchestra and many other musical groups.

Right in the pride draw, magnificent parks spread out, the most famous of which is Gatino Park (35 thousand. ha).

Around Ottawa

In the vicinity of the city is interested in beautiful fortified city Kingston, in which the famous Irish festival, Fort Henry (1812 g.), famous "Thousand islands" On Lake Ontario, Tander Bay on the shore of the lake top (the third largest river port in the world), Fort William on the Kaministika River, 300-meter Mount Nanibiz ("Sliping Jint"), Pukaskaya Reserve, Cute Saint Marie Town with a historic Museum in an old house "Hermatinger", Beautiful region of agave canyons and of course – the famous Niagara Falls.

Cities of Canada Ottawa

Reviews and studies of trips

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Jogging along the capital

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