Cities of Canada: Montreal

Montreal (Montreal) is the largest city of Quebec province and one of the oldest city in Canada. The city is located on the river island, around Mont-Ruaian mountain towering in his center ("Royal Mountain"), from which scenic streets depart, the names of most of which are given in honor of the Catholic saints, for which the city and got a nickname "City of Saints". Modern Montreal is a city of skyscrapers, high-speed highways, a huge international transport node, marine and air gates of the country, but it is also an important historical and cultural center.

Attractions Montreal

To get acquainted with the city is best to start from his famous Bridge Jacques Cartier, inspect the old town hall with the remains of the stone wall lying behind it (it was cleared to the celebration of the 350th anniversary of the city in 1992.) and a column in honor of Admiral Nelson (1890 g.), NOTR DAM Church (1824-1829.) From the chapel Sacre-Ker, the area of ​​Dez-Armenia (Royal Square, the first area of ​​Montreal) with the monument to the founder of the city of the city of Mesonnev, the Palace of Justice, Dominion Parks and La Fontaine with numerous sculptural monuments, the chapel of St. Joseph, Church of Notre Dame de Bonskur on Street. Paul, St. Cathedral. Patrick, Anglican Church of Saint-Georges with wonderful wooden sculptures, Ramsey Castle (1705 g., Now – the historical museum) and the pearl of the Palace Architecture – the House of Meredith on Prospekt Peng.

Museum of the Pointe-A-Caller, Archaeological Museum and the Historical Center introduce those who want the city history and interesting archaeological finds. It is necessary to visit the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Archeology and History (located on the site of the landing of the first immigrants), the museum of humor, visit the Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Indian Arts Mac-Cord, Memorial Museum Mark-Awrenia Fortena, Pointe-a-Caller Museum (History and archeology), Memorial Museum of Margarita D’Yuvil, Canadian Architectural Center, University of Concordia Art Gallery.

In the island park on the Islands of Notre Dame and Saint-Helen, the amusement park is located, a variety of restaurants, Olympic pool, a large car ring of the Grand Prix "Formula 1", Great floral gardens, excellent beach and famous casino. An attractive area of ​​the old port from his clock tower, from where the views of the Old Town with skyscrapers in the background, the area of ​​the Olympic Stadium and the Olympic Park in the Mesonnev Park in the North-East (the third largest botanical garden is located here), Fort Chamblers at the River River thresholds , Indian Cachnavaca Reservation and Space Research Space Research Center.

Business and trading life of the city is concentrated in the western part, around the Dominion Square. Huge skyscrapers on the Square of Dez-AR (Art Square), Palace of Congresses, Dejerden Complex, CIBC and San Life, or Futuristic Building "Radio Canada", Contrast here with the old buildings of the Windsor Station, the Cathedral of Marie-Ren-du Mond (an accurate reduced copy of the Roman Cathedral of St. Peter) or the Anglican Church of Krist-Church. In the quarter plateau Mont-Royal is interesting "School Shingo" (1931 G.) With magnificent decorative elements in the modern style and former national gymnasium, where the School of Modern Dance, the Church of the Baby Jesus Christ, as well as one of the most beautiful streets of the city – Saint-Joseph Boulevard, built up with luxurious part of the beginning of XX in. Quarter Utremon is also saturated with rich mansions and beautiful parks, among which the building of the Academy of Fine Arts is particularly interesting, the church of Saint-Viater with a unique facade and crowned by the dome Pension Saint-N-de-Marie.

The most interesting building of the co-o-river quarter is the church of the visit with a rich inner decoration. On the contrary, on the island of Visitasion, the ruins of ancient mills built by monks in the XVIII in. (The last of them acted until 1960.). Now the island is turned into a park, in which you can see a few wooden houses of the last century. The Quarter of the Lashnie, which has grown around the same channel and the gateway system, is known for the estate of Lashn (now there is a museum), the women’s monastery of sisters. Anna (1862-1864.) and a magnificent park, from where a picturesque panorama of Indian reservation, Kachnavak, Lake Saint-Louis and the old part of the city.

Around Montreal

Located a few dozen minutes drive from Montreal Mountains of Lavrentia (Lavrentida Plateau) and the Lavrentin National Park are known as a magnificent ski resort, the famous ski station and a magnificent garden in Bronmont, as well as ski slopes in Saint-Permanent and Saint Adel.

Cities of Canada Montreal

Interesting in the area and Indian settlements in the region, "Farm Reptile" In Saint-Yustach, the famous pilgrimage site and world cultural treasure – Saint Ann-de-Bopre Cathedral, Cascade of Waterfalls. Anna (74 m.), Saint Ferreole-le-Naz (100 m.) and Wilson (in the city of Saint-Zheroma), Mont-Saint Water Park, the beautiful Lake Region near Lak de Shaz Il ("Lake Sixteen Islands"), summer resorts in the area of ​​Notre Dam-dm-du-port and Lakes the Lake, the village and the park on the island of Beak, Canyon "Hell Gate" and Oceanographic Institute in the Rimusky region, famous "Gardens Meti" In the English style near the Grand Mute, magnificent beaches of Lake Sabl and Saint-Jean, beautiful landscapes Estri, Sherbrook, Charlevua (part of this area in 1988. It was declared UNESCO Reserve of World Value), "whale pastures", Center for Studying the Marine Fjord Sage (about Be-Saint-Caterine) and the Center for Studying Marine Mammals in Tadusak, Unique Landscapes, Park Foriyon and the Mountain Reserve of Chic-Shock in Gaspea, the highest Lighthouse of the country at Cape Rosier, "the eighth wonder of the world" – Giant Rock Perse, Unique Paleontological Park of Migohas, Delightful Landscapes of Troins and Eternity Peaces and Much.

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Voila, Montreal!

The city where Europe and North America amazedly mixed. The city that we really liked and we want to come back here again and more than once. Read more →

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