Cities in Bulgaria: Plovdiv

In Plovdiv, the second largest city of Bulgaria, be sure to inspect the trimonusion ("Three hill", Old Town) – Roman Forum, theater for 3 thousand places and gates Hisar Kapia (II in. N. NS.), as well as the jama mosque (XV in.) and Imaret (1445 g.), Cathedral of Constantine and Elena (1832 g.) with an excellent gallery icons, the ruins of the Thracian city of Evolypias (II in. to N. NS.), Philip II Macedonian amphitheater, as well as unique churches -. Weeks, St. Dimitra and St. Marina (1854 g.).

Plovdiv Archaeological Museum is considered one of the best in the country, also good ethnographic museum in the house of Koumjoglu with the excellent collection of national costumes, art gallery in the house of Baklanov and the National Revival Museum.

Around the city

30 km from Plovdiva is the Monastery Bachkovo (Bachkovski Manastir, 1083 g.) with beautiful churches of Archangel Mikhail (XII in.), The Assumption of the Virgin (1604 g.) and chapels. Nicholas, the inner premises of which are painted by the famous Zharic Zagra.

To the north-west of Plovdiv lies the resort area of ​​the Hychar (Isary, Roman August), famous for therapeutic properties of its mineral springs (+27 – 51 c) since the time of ancient Rome. Now there is a large balneological complex with numerous baths and fountains with mineral water. Also remarkable ruins of Roman structures and the Turkish Hisar fortress.

Reviews and studies of trips

Trip to Plovdiv

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Cities of Bulgaria Plovdiv

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Cities of Bulgaria Plovdiv

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