Cities of Bulgaria: Burgas

Fourth largest Bulgarian city Burgas Located in the southeastern part of the country, on the banks of the deep bay of Foros.

The climate here is moderately continental with a strong influence of the sea.

Burgas – major industrial center. It is rather not a beach area, but a key point on the way to a large seaside resorts like Slynchev-Bryag – It is at the airport of Burgas that many international flights are launched.

However, there are several good beaches around the city. First, it is the famous Slynchev-Bryag, secondly, resorts Elenite and Dunes.

Reviews and studies of trips

Hospitality in Bulgaria

Little beautiful place, nature, but struck dirty beaches, trash around, people are not welcoming, even sometimes evil. In stores try to deceive and determine. Read more →

Cities of Bulgaria Burgas

Pyroshenkov | July 2018

Bulgaria. Warm, pleasant and tasty

Bulgaria is an excellent budget option as an alternative to Turkey, if you travel through the Baltic States, you can capture even more new impressions! Read more →

Svetlana | August 2016

40 days in the mountains of Bulgaria

In 40 days we managed to go through the mountains: Rila, Pirin, Rodopi, and at the very end of the trip several days rested in the autumn, quiet Burgas. Read more →

Cities of Bulgaria Burgas

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