Cities of Bulgaria: Borovets (Chamkory)

The largest and oldest in Bulgaria ski resort Borovets It is located at an altitude of 1350 m above sea level on the northern slopes of Rila Mountain, at the foot of the highest on the Balkan peak peninsula Musala (Moussala, 2925 m). Duration of the ski season here from December to April. The average temperature of the coldest month (January) + 4 ° C.

Borovets can be conditionally divided into three riding zones: Sitnyakovo – Martinov Baracki, Hawk and Marcudzhik.

Sitnyakovo and Martinov Baracki (Sitnqkovo – Martinovi Baraki) are a combined zone of riding with a drop of 1300-1790 m heights, intended for novice skiers and mid-level skiers, as well as for training. Both zones are serviced by four-cable rope roads and bougiel lifts, and a single rope lift rises to the top of Martinov. Trails pass through the beautiful pine forest. There are plots for slalom and for giant slalom. In Sitnyakovo – 4 "Red" And one "blue" Route, in martin barracks – 4 "Red" Tracks. Snow cover stability provide 14 snow guns.

Zone Catania Hawk (Qstrebec, 1300-2369 m) Recommended for mid-level skiers. On the vertex of the skiers rise on the cabin lift, and 2 km from the center of Borovets there is a bougiel lift. It is guaranteed to ride throughout the season, even if there is no snow below, because there are intermediate stations. In the hawk alone "black" and three "Red" Tracks.

To skiing zone Marcudzhik (Markudjik, 2208-2543 m) Get on the Cabin Lift to the top of the hawk, and there they are transplanted on one of the five bugel lifts to the top of Marcujik. Riding here is intended to skiers of the mid-level: there are one "blue" and 4 "Red" Tracks. One of the tracks is certified by the International Ski Federation for Giant Slaloma.

Cities of Bulgaria Borovets (Chamkory)

In addition, in Borovets, there are 18 km of cross-country skiing trails and ski jumps for jumping 75 m and 50 m long, and more than 200 experienced instructors owning several foreign languages ​​work.

Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the original services as "Heli-Ski", "View Fly" and "HELI-TRANSPORTATION". Helie Ski is the delivery of those who want to the most undeveloped slopes on the helicopter. You can descend on snowy virgin accompanied by qualified instructors. Bind Flya – Overview Helicopter Tour over the mountains of Rila and the territory of Borovets. Heli-transport – transportation on the hawk and marcujik helicopter.

Nightlife in Borovets hits the key, there are many restaurants, bars, discos, nightclubs, cafeterias working around the clock. Also holidays are offered walks on the sleigh, the evenings of the Bulgarian folklore, wine tasting and original Bulgarian dishes of the National Kitchen, "Ski carnavaly".

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