Cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Mostar

The unofficial capital of Southern Herzegovina, the second largest city in the country, Mostar snaps on the rocky banks of the River of the Neretv.

The city was founded, tentatively, in the XV century, as the prerequisite strengthening on the trading path between the Adriatic coast and the internal areas of the Dinar Highlands. Mostar has a long and charming story, he saw many invader armies, which was reflected on his colorful appearance, so far clearly reminiscent of his military history. But the terrifying damage of his beauty inflicted the last war, when many historical buildings and structures, including the famous "Stari Most" Above the waters of the Neretva and several mosques of the XVI and XVII centuries, including the Tabakic Mosque (1600 g, now restored), suffered or were destroyed, and the city’s population decreased half. But the ancient area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKujundzhiluk, literally abounding monuments of Islamic architecture, many medieval buildings, cobbled streets and numerous shops in colorful oriental style, though they suffered, but preserved to this day.

Business card of the city – Stari Bridge ("Old Most", Built by Archik Mimar Huruddin in 1566), who aroused his cool back for 20 meters above the green waters of the Nerretva, the unique engineering structure of the Middle Ages, is one of the main architectural monuments of the country, and is included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list. The bridge was destroyed by the fire of Croatian artillery in November 1993, and was restored only in July 2004. On this occasion, traditional competitions in water jumping from the bridge were held "Mostar Ikara", And even the administrative division of the city on 6 regions on the ethnic principle is abolished.

Also preserved (or were restored) Mostar University, Bridge Kriva-Kupria ("Curve Most") Supported by the old-bridge of the Tower of Halebia and Tara, a few mosques and a monument in honor of the fallen in the years of fascism. The unique monument of history remains fortresses in the village of the manufacturer (XV C), a few kilometers of the south-west of Mostar, and the fortress of St. Stephen just below the course of the Nerre.

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Cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mostar

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Cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mostar

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