Cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Banya Luke

This once modest city on the banks of the River River ("VRBA" – Verba), in the northwestern part of the country, is now known to the world as the capital of the Serbian Republic.

Ban-bow ("Saint Luka Bath", The first mention of him refer to the end of the XV century) was never known as the tourist center, it was a major industrial city, a little attracted guests of the country, besides, he lost part of his historical heritage in 1993, when Serbian militia blew up all 16 mosques of the city. Therefore, only the fortress (XVI B) on the shores of Vrbas, the recreated Church of Christ the Savior, the Presidential Palace and the famous warm sulfuric springs, are considered to be paid here.

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Banya-Luka, the capital of the Serbian

Banya-bow with a few more than 100 thousand., lack of bright history and attractions became slowly acquiring the capital. Read more →

Cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina Banya-Luka

TravelScience | Autumn 2014

Republic of Serbian

When I drove on the way from the egg to the Ban Bow, at some point I saw the road pointer on which something like was written "Dropped into the republic of SRPSKO". Read more →

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