Cities of Bolivia: Potosi

The city of Potosi lies 164 km from Sucre on the desert, unprotected plain, among the fruitless mountains at an altitude of almost 4100 meters above sea level. Potosi – the highest city in the world, as well as the most charming and tragic place in Bolivia.

Opening by the Indian of the Diego Walpoy in 1544 rich silver ore in Mount Cerro Rico ("Rich mountain") led to the foundation on April 10, 1545. The city was founded under the name of Villa Imperial de Carlos V, in honor of the Spanish King Carlos then. Almost random discovery of silver, so precious for Spanish conquerors, led to a sharp increase in the city, and after 1572, when silver mining was sharply increased, began to expand and sweat itself, turning to the middle of the XVII century to the richest city of America (and some believe what the world). But when silver reserves have exhausted, the Spaniards left the city, which still keeps numerous traces of their former majesty in the form of churches (it is believed that from here 86) and monasteries, rich mansions with luxurious finish and other masterpieces of colonial architecture. In 1988, UNESCO made Potosi to the World Heritage List of Humanity.

Sights Potosi

The most interesting objects of the city are the women’s monastery of San Francisco (1547, now here is the Museum of Religious Art), Tambo de la Cruz ("Tambo" – Market with a hotel), Temple and Women’s Monastery of Santa Teresa (1685, Now the art museum is located here), the house of Casa de la Monda (1542 g, the first Mint in Potosi, now there is an extensive national museum with a luxurious collection. Products made of precious metals and a collection of works of religious art), Mount Serro Rico herself, made by more than 5 thousand mine stems, the building of the National Bank in the former de-Otavi mansion (1750-1785.), Mansion Casa de la Tres-PortaDes, "Crystal Palace", Potosi Cathedral (XVI B, reconstructed in 1808-1838.) And the church capital on the main square of the city, the Church of San Benito (1700 g), Church of San Lorenzo (1548 g) with fancy entrance gates, Church of Belen, San Bernardo, San Agustin, La Comach de Hesus ( 1590 g), San Martin, San Juan de Dios and Santo Domingo.

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Bolivian city Potosi – South America’s Silver Capital

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Cities of Bolivia Potosi

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