Belgium city: Malin (Mechelen)

For five centuries, the former capital of the Spanish Netherlands and the Motherland of Beethoven – Mechelen (Malin, Malines, Mechelen) is famous for its bells and architecture.

It is interesting here of one of the oldest buildings of the city – Schepenhais (1374 g.), Town Hall (XV-XVI centuries.), Cathedral of St. Rombaut, Margarita Palace Austrian – Palace of Justice (XVI in.), Royal lyceum, Baroque Church of St. Peter, Palace Margarita Yorkskaya (now – City Theater), Church of St. John, in which the famous Tripens triptych is located "Worship of Magi", Bishopric and abbey Saint-throne, medieval shipyard, Church of Our Lady Hansweik (1663 g.), Big feuginage with the beautiful Church of XVII in., City Museum (Boslenden Family Museum, 1500 g.), Museum of toys and folklore, Museum of traditional crafts and others.

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Belgium. Farm tourism and private sector

Farm tourism populated in Europe. It happens that the owners have a basic business – farming, and it happens that they hold several units of livelihood so that guests are more interesting. Read more →

olga kulaj | May 2014

Cities of Belgium Malin (Mechelen)

Belgium. Mechelen

There is a mechelen on the way from Brussels to Antwerp – approximately in the middle. To each of these cities only 20 minutes drive. Find the Mechelen Center is completely easy. Read more →

DVA1973 | Autumn 2014

Mechelen (Belgium)

In the final outbound day of our Belgian tour, we went to the north of Brussels in the two cities of Antwerp Province – to the regional capital of the region and to the mechelen read more →

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