Belgium city: Liege

"Hot city" Liege (Liege) is the largest and one of the most ancient cities of Wallonia.

Here, first of all it is worth visiting the square. Lambert, in the Palace of Prince-Bishops, in the Walloon Museum and the Walloon Museum, to see the Town Hall and the Church of St. Jacob, as well as an ancient symbol of independence of the city – Perron (Fountain and Fountain with Four Lions), which is located on Marche Market Square.

No less interesting church of St. Antoine, Baroque Church of Atonement, Vintage Monastery Frener Maine with a lot of interesting museums, yard le-tamble and picturesque deadlocks, "Liege miracle" – baptismal fonts with biblical plots in the church of St. Bartholomew (XII in.), Church of St. Serve (XIII in.), a large noisy brush on the battlefield, the bridge. Leonard with white-red Kurtius House, Saint-Denis Church (XV in.), Cathedral of St. Paul on Square Vain-d’Ilel with the famous statue "Delkurian Virgin" And the oldest in Belgium passage Lemonier (1839 g.).

It is worth visiting the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčIsorea with the building of the De La Place theater, the famous Circus Diver in the An-Rotyur Lane, Bridge Fran, Park D"Avroi, the chapel of St. Communion on the hill of sv. Martin with 12 medallions of Jean Deltra, Museum of Glass (more than 9000 exhibits), Museum of Religious Art and Art of Mosan, Museum of Weapons, Ansessambour Museum, Aquarium and Zoological Museum, Museum of Puppets Changichi and dozens of other historical monuments.

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Street Street in Liege

Go down on Montagne de Bueren. And people live on the slope, look at passersby. Next, we descend on Montagne de Bueren, this is such a height difference. Read more →

Cities of Belgium Liege

AVC AVC | Summer 2014

Walloon holiday in Liege

We go to the Place Saint-Lambert, and here just a Walloon holiday. Dome Eglise Saint-Andre, Giant in Procession. Here the groups are charged before processing. Read more →

AVC AVC | Summer 2014

Taste of Belgium: Yui and Liege

. What can I do – just like that – HUY – writes the name of this city, which makes an indelible impression on our. Still – the place where the our people send so many years, really exists! The city did not become the Mecca of our tourists only because in our-speaking guidebooks its name is given without original transcription. Read more →

Cities of Belgium Liege

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