Cities of Belarus: Polotsk

The city of Polotsk, lying 260 km north of Minsk, is a quiet patriarchal city with beautiful embankments and a rich history.

First mentioned B "Tale of temporary years" (862 g) as a major military center at the time. In the X-XII centuries. The city was the capital of Polotsk Principality, and his defensive structures, erected at the turn of the X-XI centuries on a high hill above the breakdown site of the river of eats in Dvina, were considered one of the most powerful in Eastern Europe. In the middle of the XVI, Polotsk was taken by our troops, and the fortress buildings were almost completely destroyed during the assault. But in 1563-1579, new fortification structures are being built here, which in the XVII century are again rebuilt, acquiring the nature of the powerful fortress. After the first section of Poland (1772 g), the city was divided by a digital into two parts – Western Polish, and the eastern, who departed to the our Empire. A new city planning plan was drawn up, and by the XIX century city was considered one of the most beautiful settlements of Belarus.

Attractions Polotsk

Cathedral of the Cathedral Sofia (1044-1066., Rebuilt in the XVIII B) – the main attraction of Polotsk. Initially built on the order of all the sorcerer as an exact copy of the Cathedral of the Cathedral of Sofia in Kyiv, it is considered the oldest building in Belarus. Damaged by fire in the XV century, he was turned into a military headquarters and completely restored only in the XVII century as a Catholic church in the Baroque style. The museum inside the church demonstrates the model of the initial type of cathedral, at the base of the building you can also distinguish between some preserved elements of the XI century. Also interesting Ruins of the Borisoglebsky Monastery (XII B), "Borisov Stone" (XII century, so local residents call the giant boulders with inscriptions on them, many scientists consider them by the prototypes of guide stones from our episters), Savior-Evphrosin’evsky Monastery (XII-XV centuries., The oldest of the preserved monasteries of the country) with the Cross-Zodizhensky Cathedral (1893-1897.) and Savior Transfiguration Church (XII B), Peter I House (1692 g), Jesuit Collegium (1750 g), Epiphany Monastery (1761-1779.), Simeon Polotsk (XVII c), Lutheran Church (XIX century), as well as monuments Evphrosiki Polotsk and Francis Skorne. Deserves visits to the regional historical museum, which is located on the street, built of charming old wooden houses.

Reviews and studies of trips

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Cities of Belarus Polotsk

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Cities of Belarus Polotsk

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