Cities of Belarus: Mogilev

Mogilev – one of the oldest and most distinguished cities of Belarus.

Although from the IX century, there are already large human settlements here, the official history of the city begins in 1267, when there is a hill of the grave, in the confluence of Dnipro and Dubrovna, the construction of wooden fortress structures begins. By the middle of the 18th century, Mogilev acquires a powerful system of defensive structures with 12 towers surrounding the city by three belts with a total length of more than 7 km. The same period dates back to the city in a major craft-industrial center and a transport node with a river port. Numerous war, rushing through the territory of Belarus, repeatedly destroyed the city itself, but the fortress survived, and its few structures that have come down to this day are the main monuments of the old Mogilev.

Attractions Mogilev

Aufrievskaya (1798 g) and Borisoglebskaya (1869 g) of the Church, the Palace of the Palace of Georgy Konissky (1762-1785.) and his gate (Brama, 1853 g), the building of the former city council (XIX C), the Cathedral of Minsko-Mogilev ArchoPrequis – Church of St. Stanislav (1738-1752.), Cross-shifting church (XVII V), three-eyed Cathedral (1909-1911.) Memorial arch (1780 g, Joseph Cathedral himself, an exact copy of the Vienna Cathedral of St. Catherine, blown up by the Bolsheviks in 1938), the complex of the Nikolsky Monastery (1669-1672.), Ruins of the Far Church of Casimir (1604 g), Regional Theater (1886-1888.), Coloring building of the Posmelno-Rural Bank (1903-1914.), Spear Chapel of the Spectoral (1904 g), House of Soviets (1937-1939.), plenty of private houses built in the XVIII-XIX centuries throughout the city, the famous Bykhov market and Saltan chapel on the site of the our-French battle of 1812 (12 km south of Mogilev).

Reviews and studies of trips

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Cities of Belarus Mogilev

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Cities of Belarus Mogilev

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