Belorussia city: Gomel

Gomel is one of the largest cities in Belarus, a large transport assembly and the second population and the industrial potential city in the country.

First mentioned in the chronicles of 1142 as the ownership of Chernigov Prince, Gomel lies in the southeast of the country, near the borders with Russia and Ukraine, in the heart of Belarusian Polesia. From the beginning of XIV, Gomel is part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, in 1569 he became part of the Commonwealth, and in 1772 it was included in the our Empire. At the end of XVIII, Gomel was granted to the our commander. A. Rumyantsev-Zadunaysky for merit before frazzling, and since that time it is intensively rebuilt, acquiring its modern appearance.

Attractions Gomel

The main attractions of Gomel are the Palace-Park Ensemble with the Palace of Rumyantsevy-Paskevichi (1785-1793.), Petropavlovsky Cathedral (1809-1824.), Chapel-tomb of Paskevichi (1870-1889.), Wooden Ilinskaya Church (XVIII c), hunting house n.Rumyantseva (XIX century, now there is a museum), a wonderful Central Park (XVIII-XIX centuries.) with swan pond, man-made grots and a winter garden, as well as a regional museum museum.

Reviews and studies of trips

Gomel. Palace-Park complex Rumyantsevy-Paskevichi. Palace from inside

Here and the inlaid piano, both original samovars, and dishes, and working outdoor hours, and other beautiful nobility items. Read more →

Cities of Belarus Gomel

olga kulaj | Spring 2016

Gomel. Palace-Park complex Rumyantsevy-Paskevichi. A park

I’m talking about a beautiful vintage park on the banks of the coolant river in Gomel. Officially this place is called "Gomel Palace and Park Ensemble". Read more →

olga kulaj | Spring 2016

Beloenglish trazit

It’s not all the case in uncomfortable reserved cars. I know everything about them. It’s all about people. When I bought a ticket, I specifically chose the bottom shelf to sleep all the way. Read more →

Cities of Belarus Gomel

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