Cities of Austria: Wiener Neustadt

50 km south of Vienna lies an industrial city Wiener Neustadt (Wiener Neustadt), strongly affected by the bombing of the Second World War (almost 88% of his buildings were destroyed). However, the ancient walls erected by Babenberg in 1194, when he founded the fortress at the Hungarian border, survived and serve as a bright reminder of the city of the period of his heyday (in the XV century he was the main residence of Habsburgs).


Former residence Friedrich III – Theresianische MilitaraKademie (XIII-XVIII centuries.) – turned into a prestigious military academy, known to the extensive meeting of various historical regalia (it is possible to visit within organized tours). And surprisingly compact "Nizhny city" Around spacious square Hauptplatz, Town Hall and lying just north Romanesque Cathedral Restored with special care.

  • The Dome Cathedral
  • Cities of Austria Wiener Neustadt
  • Hauptplatz
  • Castle Wiener
  • City Hall

Interestingly, a large section of the old walls built, by the way, on the ransom, paid for King Richard a lion’s heart, together with tower rectum turned into a small museum of weapons and armor. However, the collection of elegant City Museum www.Stadtmuseum.WRN.At in the nearby old old Dominican monastery on Petersgasse much more interesting. It is also worth seeing the beautiful head of the wife of the emperor, Eleanor, which is in the sad gothic Churches Necloster To the north of the Military Academy, the monastery is seized around it, the Gothic Cross Spinnerein-am-Kreuz with arcades and turrets (XIV in.) Just 1 km north of Alstage, near Wiener Strasse, as well as a nearby new Aviation Museum www.Aviaticum.AT.

  • City Museum
  • Church karmelitenkirche
  • Water tower
  • Tower of rectum

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Wiener Neustadt. Austrian province

Wiener Neustadt is a small provincial town of Just 75 km from Vienna. No significant attractions in the city. In the city there are a lot of greenery read more →

Cities of Austria Wiener Neustadt

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