Cities of Austria: Vienna

Vienna (Wien, Vindobona, Vienna), located in the picturesque place of the Middle Flow of the Danube and surrounded by the beautiful spurs of the Vienna Forest, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and "Music capital of Europe". The fusion of many cultures for centuries created a unique architecture that was strongly affected during World War II, but almost completely restored by hardworking crowns.

The city was founded by Celts in V in. to N. NS. under the name of the veins and after the capture of the Romans (I in. N. NS.) turned into the outpost of Windbone (Fabiana). Burned by the Germans in V in. N. NS. The city quickly rebuilt anew – a favorable position in the middle of the Danube in the frame of the wall of the mountains gave him many advantages, and already in the VIII-X centuries, Venia becomes a major shopping center. When Dukes Babenberg (mid XII in.) The city begins rapid development, and already at the Habsburgs (XIII in.) It turns into a stronghold of Catholicism and a powerful shopping knot. At the same time, it was Vienna that was the very place where the end of the Turkish expansion in Europe was laid. In 1529, the crowns with almost no external assistance withstood the hardest siege of Osmaanov, and on September 12, 1683, after another siege of the city, the United Polish-Austrian-German Army of Narolield defeated the superior forces of Kara Mustafa. After that, the Ottoman Empire gradually lost almost all of its European possessions and its decline began. From the XVI century Vienna becomes the capital of the Habsburgs and the Austrian Empire, recognized by the center of cultural and political life of Europe, and after the collapse of Austria-Hungary in 1918 – the capital of independent Austria. Modern Vienna is the headquarters of OPEC, OSCE, IAEA, UNIDO and other international organizations, and its historical center is included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

Hotels in Vienna

In Vienna, work hundreds of hotels for every taste. Within the Ringstrasse, they are quite expensive, but on distance from the center you can find quite budget options. You can find and book hotels in Vienna on Travel.Ru.

Rental housing in Vienna on Airbnb – a convenient solution for those who come to the city for a few days.

Events and festivals in Vienna

Lovers of the design should come to the Austrian capital in the fall, when the largest furniture fair in the city is held in the city, fashion and jewelry of Blickfang Wien, as well as the Vienna Design Week (usually the first decade of October). In addition, you can visit places like the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts, Drechsler Cafe or Futuristic Concept Store Park.

Vienna Card

In the Austrian capital there is a special tourist map Vienna Card. It gives the right to travel to the subway, bus or tram, a huge number of discounts on visiting museums and attractions, when shopping in stores and galleries, includes free tickets to theaters and concert halls, and also gives certain benefits when visiting cafes, restaurants and "Hoirger".

The price includes more economical transport links from the airport to the city center and back by train City Airport Train (Cat, 11 Euro) and Vienna Airport Lines buses (7 Euro). Also Vienna Card gives the right to free travel in public transport of one child under the age of 15 inclusive (it is necessary to present a document) per adult. A special brochure with instructions for its use, coupons and description of the entire discount system are attached to the card.

Cities of Austria Vienna

Card validity of 72 hours costs 21.9 euros, 48 ​​hours – 18.9 euros. It can be purchased in almost all urban hotels, travel information center on Albertinaplatz Square (daily from 9:00 to 19:00) and at the airport (daily from 6:00 to 23:00), in the office of the city transport enterprise Wiener Linien, and Also on the official website WWW.Wienkarte.AT.

Reviews and studies of trips

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