Cities of Austria: Tuln

Lying 25 km north-west from Vienna Quiet Provincial City Tulne (Tulln, Tulln An Der Donau) is widely known for its Lock Athsenburg, In which concerts dedicated to Schubert undergo all year (in these places there was a uncle of the Great Composer). However, this attractions are not exhausted – founded as Roman Military fort Comparen, He has a long and glorious story.

    Cities of Austria Tuln
  • Hauptplatz in Tulna
  • Crypt Carner
  • Interior of the Church of St. Stephan
  • Church Minoritecirche

Here you can see Museum of Egon Shile (1890-1918.) In the building of the former prison and also turned into a museum two rooms on the first floor of Bahnhof Tulln train station, in which this painter and schedule were born in general, Museum Tulna In the complex of the old Franciscan monastery, nearby baroque Church Minoritecirche with frescoes Rococo period, Roman Tower of Porcerem (284-305. N. NS.), sometimes called focus (in the Middle Ages, salt kept in it), built on the site of the Roman Basilica Church of St. Stephen (XIII B.) Two blocks east of the main square of the city – Hauptplatz, as well as lying very close to her Crypt Carner – One of the best continued Romanesque buildings of the country (1250 g.).

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