Cities of Austria: St. Michael-Am-Collfeld

10 km north of the town of Maria-Zal lies the village St. Michael-AM-Collfeld Sankt Michael Am Zollfeld).


Towering east of the village Mount Magdalensberg (1059 m) is crowned with a lateronic complex Church of Saints Elena and Magdalena. This is the starting point of the annual pilgrimage of Virberherlauf, starting on the night of the first full moon after Easter. Up to five thousand people visit the midnight Mass on Magdalensberg every year, after which the torch procession begins in the surrounding mountains of Ulrichsberg, Fightsberg and Lorencyberg. It is easy to guess in this ceremony ancient Celtic roots when such processions are "Power places" were an indispensable element of all religious rituals.

Cities of Austria St. Michael am Tollfeld
  • Church of Saints Elena and Magdalena
  • Fragments of the Forum Roman Virunum
  • Ruins of Roman Virunuma
  • Annual pilgrimage Verbergerlauf

At the foot of the mountain you can visit the ruins of the Roman Virunuma (The plot is open to visit from May to October daily, from 9.00 to 19.00; 5 Euro), where fragments of the Forum, Chamber of the Council, numerous residential buildings are still visible, and there is a copy of the Roman statue, excavated by farmers in the Middle Ages and lost somewhere in Spain in the XVI century (the second copy of the XVI century is now placed in the historic Museum of Vienna ).

Cities of Austria St. Michael am Tollfeld

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