Cities of Austria: St. Johann Im-Pongau

Saint-Johanna’s highways (total length of about 45 km) are distinguished by low complexity, because they go with pretty gentle forestlines of the mountains Hochglocker (1588 m) and Schlochcohl (1421 m) in the West and ZONTAGSKOGEL (1850 m) in the East. However, it should not be forgotten that when considering the sports capabilities of the town should be borne in mind all 860 km of descents and 270 lifts of the Sportwelt Amade and Salzburger Sportwelt areas, access to which is carried out by a whole network of buses and intermediate ski stations.

The center of skiing is the village Alpendorf (Alpendorf) formally part of St. Johann, but almost located 2 km south of him, near Plankenau. In fact, it is just a complex of high-class hotels and more democratic guest houses, built on the site of the old village Forstohof. From here there is a network of roads and lifts that bind together the slopes of the mountains Cederberg Kogel (1037 m), Herne (1787 m), Flachau highways and other nearby resorts of Sportwelt Amade. With a drop of heights from 650 to 1980 meters, the total length of the tracks here is estimated at 32 km (taking into account the flachau – 177 km), and the lungs more than 27%, the average complexity – 64% and only 9% can be attributed to complex "Black". The most interesting is the long, wide and winding tracks No. 50 and No. 60, well-marked and well-groomed.

Snow cover is relatively thin, so all the slopes to a height of 1,500 meters are equipped with snow guns and the tracks are pretty "Hard". Many guests of the resort mark and the unsuccessful location of some light trails – for example, the descents 51a and 51b lie above quite complicated "Red" the tracks, and go down from here to the very bottom of the novice skier will not be easy.

  • Great Village on Mount Gernkogel
  • Ski slope
  • Lifts

The slopes are serviced by 14 lifts (59, taking into account the flacha – it is quite difficult to solve the riding zones). 8 km of flat skiers are laid, and half lies closer to Obergrassalm at a fairly large altitude (1600-1700 m), a sled road, a small snowpark and freestyle park operates, 3 ski and 3 Snowboard schools, a children’s ski school, kindergarten, indoor and thermal pools, sauna, fitness center, tennis courts, squash platform (at Alpina Hotel), several dozen restaurants and bars, cinema, discos and even casino. However, the price level is quite high, and literally on everything, ranging from equipment rental and ending with accommodation in hotels.

The ski season lasts from December 1 to mid-April.

Around the city

Considerable fame of St. Johann brought and Gorge Lychtensteinklamm (LiechtensteinkLamm) lying 5 km south. Related by the most famous gorge of the Eastern Alps, it has long been turned into a natural reserve (access is allowed daily: from May to September – from 8.00 to 18.00; From October to April – from 9.00 to 16.00; 3.3 Euro). According to this beautiful and narrow river valley, the width of which in some places does not exceed two meters, a stone trail is laid with a variety of bridges, wooden balconies, stairs and tunnels, which goes back to a picturesque waterfall of about 150 meters high. You can walk here on a village Plankenau (Plankenau) or from Alpendorf, from the southern end of which a pedestrian walkway leads down to the gorge.

Cities of Austria St. Johann-im-Pongau

Tourist subscriptions

The single subscription operates in all resorts of the Flachau region, Salzburg Sportwelt and Ski Amad&# 233;. Ski-Pass on 1 day for adults will cost 25 to 41 euros depending on the season, six-day – from 160 to 203 euros. For children and adolescents there are discounts from 25% to 50%.

How to get

Salzburg Airport is about 55 km on the road (about 1 hour by car).

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